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Reads: Meddling Azorius Authority on Gathering Magic

Shame on me for letting this slip through the cracks, but my Meddling of the Azorius Authority Intro Pack from Dragon’s Maze is up over at Gathering Magic. This time around, the challenge is to make the best 60-card deck from the contents of both Azorius Intro Packs, adding nothing else. What deck do I build? Stop on over to find out!

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Reads: Meddling Rakdos Revelry

The third Intro Pack from Dragon’s Maze gets the Meddling treatment over at Gathering Magic today! Come see why this might well be the hardest meddling yet!

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Reads: Meddling Orzhov Power

Happy Friday, on the verge of a three-day weekend no less! The next in my series of Dragon’s Maze¬†Meddlings for Gathering Magic is up today, and this time it’s the Syndicate’s turn in the spotlight!

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Reads: Jay Guest Hosts Monday Night Magic!

Okay, so maybe I should have called this ‘Listens’ rather than ‘Reads,’ but that’s the category we’ve got for recommending things to check out on the web. Today’s suggestion is for the latest episode of Monday Night Magic, where Ertai’s Lament’s own Jay is a guest host!

On the show we talk about recent Standard results, the Festival of Old Limited Sealed… and the Preconstructed Championships. Head on over and check it out!


Reads: Meddling Dimir Dementia!

Perhaps the one guild I was most asked to Meddle was the shadowy Dimir, and today the wait is over!

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Reads: Meddling Gruul Goliaths

It’s Gruul Week all about the Magicsphere, and you know what that means! Over on Gathering Magic, I rebuild the¬†Gruul Goliaths Intro Pack deck, and put my foot right into a controversy!

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Reads: Meddling Rakdos Raid

At last, the cycle is complete! With a retooling of the Rakdos Raid Intro Pack over on Gathering Magic, all five Return to Ravnica guilds have had their time to shine!

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Reads: Meddling Golgari Growth

Happy Friday, folks, and welcome to the last day of Golgari Theme Week! That means I’m back with another Return to Ravnica Intro Pack Meddling over at Gathering Magic.

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Reads: Meddling Izzet Ingenuity

Good morning and Happy Friday to you all! Izzet Week is on its final day, and you know what that means- another Meddling over at Gathering Magic!

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Reads: Meddling the Azorius, and Creep and Conquer Goes Video

Happy Thursday! We’ve got two reads to recommend today, and don’t forget that one of them is tied to a contest!

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