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November 16, 2012


Reads: Meddling Izzet Ingenuity

by Dredd77

Good morning and Happy Friday to you all! Izzet Week is on its final day, and you know what that means- another Meddling over at Gathering Magic!

Today’s deck was the most fun result thus far. The Izzet deck didn’t do especially well under our playtesting, so being able to avenge past defeats in a spectacular fashion with a Blue/Red deck was a sheer delight- at least for me. Poor Sam and her Golgari weren’t as pleased, but then turnabout is most certainly fair play.

Join me over on Gathering Magic to see the improved Izzet Ingenuity deck, Meddled as always to the same budget-friendly standards. Don’t forget, for my series of Meddlings there we’ve got a giveaway for comments, too!

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  1. Icehawk7
    Nov 17 2012

    Really don’t like how I have to login on gatheringmagic to post now. Ugh.

    • Icehawk7
      Nov 17 2012

      Forgot to say: I love the article! Just makes me more exicted for all the new toys my Boros deck is getting in Gatecrash. If Aurelia turns out to be what’s posted on MTGS, it’s going to be super! Though her and some others may be a tad expensive for my budget.


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