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Want Deckbuilding Help?

Help is on the way! We are currently accepting submissions for our ongoing occasional series Whispers of the Muse. That’s where we take a preconstructed deck, from Intro Packs to Duel Decks and anything in between, and turn it over to the Lament community to generate thoughts, constructive suggestions, and recommendations!

As always, we try and emphasize cards readily available to any player (commons and uncommons), and are new-and-returning-player friendly! If you’ve been put off looking for guidance elsewhere, give Whispers of the Muse a try! You can see an example of the feature here.

To submit a deck for consideration, please send the following information to ErtaisLament (at)

1. What preconstructed deck are you using as the foundation for your deck? Because we’re a site dedicated to precons, we’ll want to restrict the series to precon-based deckbuilding, at least for now.

2. What restrictions are you looking at? Do you want suggestions that are legal for Standard? Extended? Block? Anything goes? 

3. Give us as much direction as you’d like. Here’s where you let us know what colours you’d like the deck to end up, or if you want it to be aggro, control, or anything else. Any cards you’re looking to build around? Already own a mythic you’d like to see integrated? Let us know here.

As an occasional series, we’d enjoy hearing a little bit from everyone who’d like to be featured. Feel free to submit a deck for consideration as often as you like, but please note that we will look to rotate the spotlight as often as we can, so you may want to limit submisisons to the deck you’d most like to see first!

Remember too to keep an eye out for Ertai’s Meddling, the series where we “tune up” an intro deck using only commons and uncommons, and the occasional Ertai’s Trickery, where we take several precons and fuse them into a strong, cohesive 60-card deck!

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