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May 24, 2013


Reads: Meddling Orzhov Power

by Dredd77

Happy Friday, on the verge of a three-day weekend no less! The next in my series of Dragon’s Maze Meddlings for Gathering Magic is up today, and this time it’s the Syndicate’s turn in the spotlight!

This time around, I’m taking a different approach in the series by working only with each guild’s pair of Intro Packs. What’s the best 60-card deck we can distill from the 120 we have to work with?

Don’t forget, too, that there’s an ongoing giveaway tied in. One lucky reader will be walking away with both Intro Packs from one of the guilds featured in Dragon’s Maze.

So let me know what you think! What might you have done differently, working with the same pool of cards?

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  1. Samuel
    Feb 17 2016

    What happened to all the meddlings? I really used to love reading them and how they were budget decks that were really under the radar.

    • Feb 17 2016

      Meddlings will be coming back. I’ve returned from a break from Magic and am getting familiar with the environment before doing any, but they seem to be in high demand!


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