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June 26, 2013


Reads: Meddling Azorius Authority on Gathering Magic

by Dredd77

Shame on me for letting this slip through the cracks, but my Meddling of the Azorius Authority Intro Pack from Dragon’s Maze is up over at Gathering Magic. This time around, the challenge is to make the best 60-card deck from the contents of both Azorius Intro Packs, adding nothing else. What deck do I build? Stop on over to find out!

Don’t forget, there’s an ongoing comment contest for this latest round of Meddlings. Once all five guilds have been meddled, I’ll pick one comment at random and that person wins both Intro Packs from whatever guild the comment was from. Two free Intro Packs, good stuff!

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  1. Lucas Campos
    Jun 27 2013

    Anyone can win the prizes, even if they aren’t from USA ? 😛

    • Jun 27 2013

      Correct, all of our contests and giveaways are international-friendly. We get readers from all over the world, so we’re delighted to include them!

      • Lucas Campos
        Jun 27 2013

        Waiting the result… i wanna win 😉

  2. Icehawk
    Jul 3 2013

    Random aside: The new slivers. Am I the only one who thought this:

    They have evolved.
    Now, they seek the ultimate prey.
    Whoever wins; we lose.
    Slivers vs Phyrexian.
    Coming 2066.


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