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Reads: The Five Worst Precon Decks of Innistrad Block

In my last piece over on Quiet Speculation, I took a look at the cream of the crop of Innistrad’s preconstructed decks- both Intro and Event. This week I’m back to list those clocking in at the opposite end of the spectrum.

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Reads: Twin Geeks “Magic the Gathering for Beginners”

Our latest entry in the Reads series- those articles of interest to the precon community we find around the net- isn’t so much a read as it is a watch. The Twin Geeks are a pair of guys from London who make video reviews of all sorts of things on their site. From high-end bikes to stereo speakers to iPhone apps to… Magic: the Gathering?

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Reads: Meddling ‘Depths of Power’ on Gathering Magic!

A convergence! That’s the best word I can think of to describe the fact that the Magic 2013 Intro Pack Depths of Power seems to be on a lot of folks’ minds these days. No sooner do I submit a ‘Meddling’ (tuning/rebuilding) of the deck for Gathering Magic than our inbox gets not one, but two requests to run a Whispers of the Muse on it!

The Whispers will be coming up later this evening, but for now here’s a link to the article over on Gathering Magic. Stop on over and check out the new framework I’ve given the deck, and say hello to boot!


Reads: Changes I Would Like to See in Magic

Welcome to a new occasional feature here on Ertai’s Lament! We’ve linked to articles of interest in the precon community before on a number of occasions, but beginning today we’ll be doing so in a way that makes for easier browsing in the drop-downs.

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CasualNation #48: Top Ten Theme Decks of All Time

Just a quick note to recommend an excellent article on GatheringMagic by Abe Sargent today where he lists out his Top 10 theme decks. Although I take good-natured issue with one of his points (as noted in the comments section), it’s a fun read and always grand to see precons in the spotlight. Head on over and let ’em know we’re reading!


New Series on ManaNation: “Under Preconstruction”

For fans of Ertai’s Meddling, there’s a new occasional series over on Mana Nation by weekly columnist Brad Wojcheshonek. He takes the Metalcraft deck and tinkers with it to turn it into a Standard competitive deck, complete with matchup reports. It’s an entertaining read to say the least, and a nice twist on the Meddling concept. If there’s enough interest, he may do more.

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