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Whitemane Lion

Planar Chaos: Endless March Review (Part 2 of 2)

Our final look at Planar Chaos sees me up against the deck that started us off- the mono-Blue Ixidor’s Legacy. With Jimi behind it, can Endless March hold its own, or will it fall to morphing and trickery?

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Dawn Charm

Planar Chaos: Endless March Review (Part 1 of 2)

In our previous review of Unraveling Mind, we remarked upon the memorability of keyworded mechanics, and how having a keyword can make even a small set of cards stand out in the minds of players. Today we’ll be looking at a mechanic which is something of a corollary- one which saw a lot of play, was never keyworded, and now labours under relative obscurity.

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Tresspasser il-Vec

Planar Chaos: Unraveling Mind Review (Part 2 of 2)

It’s a little Christmas-day insanity as Sam and I go head to head at the card table. Can my madness-filled Unraveling Mind get the better of her Rituals of Rebirth, or am I just in a state of delusion?

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To the pit!

Planar Chaos: Unraveling Mind Review (Part 1 of 2)

In Magic: the Gathering, it is occasionally fashionable to talk about how Wizards might be ‘running out of ideas,’ with the thought that innovation and creativity is a somewhat finite resource that is in danger of becoming expended. On the other hand, it can be sometimes surprising to discover just how little developed many mechanics have been over the course of the game’s history. Read more »

Evolution Charm

Planar Chaos: Rituals of Rebirth Review (Part 2 of 2)

Graveborn might be the proverbial 800-pound reanimating gorilla, but Planar Chaos had its own recursion deck, Rituals of Rebirth. Today we test it against Jimi’s Endless March, which relies upon abuse of the gating mechanic.

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Teneb, the Harvester

Planar Chaos: Rituals of Rebirth Review (Part 1 of 2)

In our recent review of Premium Deck Series: Graveborn, the recent all-foil reanimator deck, we observed the following:

[Graveborn] follows a very simple formula- take something enormously fat and difficult to deal with, and get around its matching pricetag by chucking it into the graveyard and then using a cheaper spell to reanimate it into play. Read more »

Serendib Sorcerer

Planar Chaos: Ixidor’s Legacy Review (Part 2 of 2)

Our first foray into the temporal insanity that is Planar Chaos, I’m armed with the mono-Blue Ixidor’s Legacy. Putting it to the test is Sam with Unraveling Mind, a madness-based construction. Which of these forces out of time will prevail?

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Aeon Chronicler

Planar Chaos: Ixidor’s Legacy Review (Part 1 of 2)

The kick-off of the Time Spiral block in October of 2006 was the beginning of a yearlong dividend to Magic players, and unsurprisingly the payout was greater the longer you had invested. Obscure references, subtle twists, and perhaps even the occasional in-joke found less traction on newer players who didn’t have the history to grasp what the set was trying to do.

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Reality Fracture Contest

Announcing the Winner of the Reality Fracture Giveaway!


With the Time Spiral reviews now in our past (haw!), it’s time to announce the winner of our theme deck giveaway. By glorious random selection, MiniLuv has won a copy of Reality Fracture, the exciting suspend-filled Blue/Red deck. Congratulations to MiniLuv (we’ll be contacting you via the email you use here), and thanks to everyone else for participating!

Bonesplitter Sliver

Time Spiral: Sliver Evolution Review (Part 2 of 2)

Having reached our fourth and final playtest of Time Spiral, today we’ll be taking Sliver Evolution into battle. A heavily aggressive deck capable of random bursts of obscene violence, our opponent is Hope’s Crusaders. Piloted by Jimi, they’re going to need more than hope to withstand the carnage and onslaught to follow. Will Jimi be able to take her mono-White deck to victory, or will the swarm overcome all that stand before it? Here are our notes from this epic battle.

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