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Magic Origins: Assemble Victory Review (Part 1 of 2)

Of all the different considerations that go into making a Magic: the Gathering set, one that seems to most often be underestimated is the factor of time. Just because RoboRosewater exists, doesn’t mean that sets get manufactured overnight. Indeed, Wizards of the Coast tends to work on sets up to two years prior to release, so there is a common perception that Wizards has a great deal more flexibility than it does with set creation and design.

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Magic Origins: Take to the Sky Review (Part 1 of 2)

In the world of comic books, the “origin story” is one that looks back in time and tells the tale of how a super-hero or super-villain came to be. How they got their powers. Where their motivation to [choose one: save/destroy] the world. In short, how the character came to be.

Somewhat ironically, however, Magic Origins represents both a beginning, and an ending, and it’s a tale that’s been nearly a decade in the telling.

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