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Mirage: Burning Sky Review (Part 2 of 2)

It’s our final match-up for Mirage, and we’re eager to end on a high note after what has felt at times like a slog through mediocrity. Although we’ve enjoyed our introduction to Jamuraa, and the decks have had some truly unique origin stories, the quality has been a little more difficult to spot. With Burning Sky being one of the set’s more interesting offerings, we’re hoping it doesn’t disappoint. Playing the part of the opposition is Sam, who’s opted for the mono-Black Night Terrors. Will her Night Stalkers rule the day, or will she fall to the elemental fury of fire and air?

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Mirage: Burning Sky Review (Part 1 of 2)

Throughout the course of our Mirage Theme Deck reviews, the name Frank Gilson has been mentioned more than once, mainly as the member of R&D that collaborated with mothership columnist Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar on Night Terrors, and with MTGO tourney winner Markus Pettersson with his prize, the design of Jungle JamGilson re-enters our story here with our last Mirage review, the Blue/Red Burning Sky, as it was he who first put the idea to the readers of the mothership in a column in early October 2005. Read more »


Mirage: Jungle Jam Review (Part 2 of 2)

Back into the jungle we go, ready for the final two Mirage decks. Today I’m giving the Griffin-centered Jungle Jam a go, a deck put together by the winner of an MTGO tournament. Putting my deck to the test is Jimi, who has thrown her lot in with the flank-Knights of Ride Like the Wind. Will it be smooth skies ahead, or will my deck be crushed under the thundering trample of hooves?

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Mirage: Jungle Jam Review (Part 1 of 2)

We return from the dark plane of Innistrad to the sweltering, chattering jungles of Jamuraa for the second half of our Mirage coverage. As we’ve discussed, the Theme Decks of Mirage block were done well after the release of the actual set in 1996. Created for the Magic: the Gathering Online (MTGO) release some nine years later, Wizards took a unique approach in their construction. Read more »


Mirage: Night Terrors Review (Part 2 of 2)

Today Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar’s deck design gets put to the test as I pilot Night Terrors on the field of battle. Opposing me is Sam, who has chosen the Griffin-filled Jungle Jam. Will the Night Stalkers have their way, or will this be a battle decided up in the clouds?

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Mirage: Night Terrors Review (Part 1 of 2)

When the decision was made to release the Mirage on Magic: the Gathering Online with a quartet of theme decks, Wizards aimed for a very creative approach. Two of the decks would be developed by the community, with a third being turned over to mothership writer Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar, writer of the Building on a Budget column and devotee of the preconstructed deck. Read more »


Mirage: Ride Like the Wind Review (Part 2 of 2)

We’re off and running with Project Mirage Block, and ready for our first clash of decks. I’ll be piloting the star of the show, Ride Like the Wind, while playing the role of the villain will be Jimi. For her part, she’s selected the Red/Blue Burning Sky deck, sixty cards “filled with deception, aggression, power, and guile.” Will Jimi take the day, or will my flanking Knights grind her to power beneath their hooves?

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Mirage: Ride Like the Wind Review (Part 1 of 2)

In August of 2005, an offer was extended to the Magic community from Wizards of the Coast that was unlike anything that had been seen before. Indeed, this offer was just one part of a tremendous initiative which would mark a sea change to Magic: the Gathering Online (MTGO), the digital platform of the game that had been launched just only three years before. Read more »

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