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Whispers of the Muse: Stric9’s “The Sparkler”

Welcome to the next installment of Whispers of the Muse, the occasional feature where a reader submits their tinkering of a precon deck and look for constructive criticism and feedback from the community. Time to put on the thinking caps, because we’re going way back in Magic’s history! Today we’re hearing from Stric9, who’s begun working on Stronghold’s The Sparkler. Here’s what he had to say:

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Stronghold: Call of the Kor (Part 2 of 2)

As you’ll last recall, I was rather taken with the Call of the Kor, the W/B preconstructed from Stronghold. I was impressed by the synergistic engine it appeared to have when I took the deck apart: you had a number of en-Kor creatures, each of whom could redirect damage for free to other creatures you control, as well as useful places to put that damage (token creatures, prot-creatures, or regenerators).

But if there’s one truth to life it’s that there is no substitute for experience, and to that end I sat down with Sam and challenged her to three games with the en-Kor. For her part, Sam piloted another Stronghold precon, mono-Black discard-themed Migraine.

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Stronghold: Call of the Kor (Part 1 of 2)

Fully through Zendikar block now there are few reading this who do not know what the Kor are.

Kor HookmasterKor FirewalkerLone Missionary

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