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August 31, 2016


2014-15 Precon Championships: Round 8 and the Leaderboard

by Dredd77

Round 8 is upon us! Not only the final and deciding round of the Lauer Division, but also the last of the rounds in the lead-up to the Final Four and Grand Final. This weekend’s matches will decide which deck represents the Lauer, and the week after this whole thing comes to an end.  

For our predictors, a fat prize package of a bunch of boosters and an Eldritch Moon Prerelease Kit awaits. Icehawk sits in the lead, but by the slimmest of margins with a pack on his heels. With only six more points up for grabs, victory is by no means certain.

This past weekend’s action saw a large number of predictors rack up some serious points. Scott MazurekuburGruerefresh_daemon, and westbrook57 all went four-for-four, which might be an all-time record for number of perfect predictions in a particular week.

Westbrook57 seemed to sum up the opinion of many for the first match, where Khans of Tarkir’s Abzan Siege went down in flames.

Landslide Charge. It’s an event deck.

Next up was Enlightened Mastery versus Relentless Rush in a battle of the Dragons of Tarkir Event Decks. Here’s how refresh_daemon saw it. 

I love the Jeskai and even their temporal successor, Dragon Clan Ojutai, but the creatures in Enlightened Mastery are honestly quite underwhelming and most don’t synergize well with what the deck is doing–where there more prowess or prowess-like creatures in the deck, the value from all those rebound spells would be fantastic, but the defenders and otherwise fat butted creatures like Updraft Elemental or Student of Ojutai aren’t really much of a win condition, essentially making the deck reliant on its few bombs (or Skywise Teachings) to actually win. There is draw and filtering, but while #TeamOjutai is trying to find its bombs, Relentless Rush is doing to keep crashing in.

For our third match it was Grave Advantage (Fate Reforged) versus Furious Forces (Dragons of Tarkir). Here’s refresh_daemon again with the rationale of that pick.

Grave Advantage is a bit of a curious deck, it has a bit of a self-mill plan in order to activate its delve cards, but it only have five delve cards altogether. A self-sacrifice theme almost moves towards this goal, but that’s all I can do with its graveyard and while its bombs are super good between the Archfiend of Depravity and Hornet Queen and there is some filtering offered in that self mill.

Grave Advantage… gets to eventually cast undercosted dudes while hopefully digging for increasingly more relevant cards and these guys, while removable like most intro pack creatures, don’t rely on other creatures to turn on its abilities. For that, I choose Grave Advantage.

Finally, the Commander deck Sworn to Darkness trounced Massed Ranks of Dragons of Tarkir right out of the tournament. Few could expect the insanely perfect game that Sworn had, but here’s jeskai_angel’s take.

I think I’ve got to vote Sworn to Darkness. Its opponent lacks the oomph to score a quick win, so even thought Sworn to Darkness looks slow, I think it will survive long enough to take over the game.

Here’s how the standings look. It’s a nailbiter!!


As always, if you see any discrepancy, please let me know and we’ll be happy to correct.

Here are the predictions we’ll want for this Sunday’s action.

Game One: Landslide Charge (Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck) versus Relentless Rush (Dragons of Tarkir Intro Pack)

Game Two: Grave Advantage (Fate Reforged Intro Pack) versus Sworn to Darkness (Commander 2014)

Divisional Final: Winner of Game One versus Winner of Game Two

Best of luck, everyone!

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  1. westbrook57
    Sep 1 2016

    G1: Landslide Charge. It’s an event deck.
    G2: Sworn to Darkness. Against a significantly more competent foe, Grave Advantage is just too wonky to succeed.
    G3: Landslide Charge. Commander decks have proven to be significantly more powerful than we’d expected, and Sworn to Darkness packs a disgusting amount of removal and significantly more powerful creatures, but Landslide Charge has consistent mana ramp, deathtouch, and early beaters that might be the key to bringing it down. I have a feeling that Landslide will set up faster than Darkness can knock it down, and its counterspells can keep its creatures alive long enough to bring Darkness down to a level where its self-sacrificial effects work against it and a combination of burn spells and hasted creatures ends the game.

    Oh, and Bestow is somewhat resistant to removal. That too.

  2. Insidious
    Sep 1 2016

    Well, going against the grain wasn´t successful (although I still think it was worth the risk), so this time I pick the obvious favourites.
    Game One: Landslide Charge. It is powerful enough to stop the early assault and has enough bombs that are simply superior. Also, slower decks seem to win much more than their share in this tournament.
    Game Two: Sworn to Darkness. I decided that consistently voting against Commander decks and consistently being wrong required an update…
    Game Three: Landslide Charge. If Sworn pulls another stunt with the T1 Sol Ring, it can defeat any deck. But even the greatest streak of luck will end.

  3. Icehawk
    Sep 1 2016

    1.) Landslide Charge
    2.) Sworn to Darkness
    3.) Sworn to Darkness

    The Darkness (Cue Kansas.) isn’t hampered by finding teh colors it needs like the tri-colored edh decks. I’ve mentioned it before. It makes a huge difference, and with how they’ve preformed, it shows. Its time one of the Commander decks takes the crown. Who better than darkness incarnate?

    I for one welcome our new Dark Overlord.

  4. Scott Mazurek
    Sep 1 2016

    Game One – Landslide charge in a landslide.
    Game Two – Sworn to Darkness. Commander decks have put up some solid numbers and I’ve paid the price a few times betting against them.
    Game Three – Landslide Charge. Ok yes I’m betting against the Commander Deck. And yes I’ll probably pay for it.

  5. ubur
    Sep 1 2016

    G1 – Landslide Charge
    G2 – Sworn to Darkness
    G3 – Sworn to Darkness

  6. Jeskai Angel
    Sep 1 2016

    G1: Relentless Rush is relatively strong as intro packs go, but I pick Landslide Charge to pull off the win because I think the event deck has the edge in, removal, efficient creatures, and overall card quality.

    G2: Grave Advantage is a slow, durdly, controlling deck that wants to clog up the game until hitting an amazing bomb (Hornet Queen or Archfiend). It’s problem is that Sworn to Darkness can durdle + play bombs so much better. Sworn will win.

    G3: I think Sworn to Darkness’s trip to Magical Christmas Land earlier has the potential to mislead people here. Each of the C14 decks had the potential for that exact kind of start – Sol Ring into Medallion into turn 2 5-CMC bomb. How often has that happened though? Only that one time with Sworn. The C14 decks have put up an impressively good showing against their 60-card cousins, but I don’t think Sworn can beat the pinnacle of 60-card precons, an event deck, any more than the others could. Landslide Charge will top the division.

  7. Sep 1 2016

    G1: Landslide Charge’s bombs are bombier, removal less conditional, and it’s cards are much more focused towards what it wants to do (get big, smash face, and maybe burn it too) that it pretty much has to stumble while Relentless Rush gets the nuts in order for it to lose. It’d be fun to see the underdog win, but I bet on the likely winner.

    G2: Look, if Sworn to Darkness can beat the slower intro deck Massed Ranks, there’s no reason to believe it can’t beat the similarly slow intro deck Grave Advantage. Both decks have the same game plan, but Sworn to Darkness just does everything bigger and splashier and while Grave Advantage has the advantage of slightly more focus, the singleton deck is not lacking in redundancy to a degree, they just all happen to have different names–so as long as Sworn’s pilot guns for the ramp to bombs strategy (and remembers that Bad Moon helps Grave too), it should beat Grave.

    G3: Landslide Charge is faster and more focused than Sworn to Darkness because it’s a 60 card deck that utilizes multiple copies of key cards. And that means it’s got the better chance to find its ramp and its bombs and take down Sworn to Darkness before it can stabilize. And while Commander decks might be able to pull wins against slower decks, I don’t think it will stand as well to faster, more focused 60 card ones like our event deck frontrunner here.

  8. G1: Relentless Rush, just for the hell of it.
    G2: Sworn to Darkness
    G3: Sworn to Darkness. Cue Watain.

  9. Jenesis
    Sep 2 2016

    1) Landslide Charge
    2) Sworn to Darkness
    3) Landslide Charge

  10. Grue
    Sep 3 2016


    I’m not doing too badly here. But we’re getting close to the end…

    We’ve reached the time that playing it safe and going with the conventional (logical) choices won’t be enough. It’s time to be bold (stupid) and start favoring some of the underdogs. It’s time to take chances (and be wrong). It’s time to roll the dice (and get snake-eyes).

    1) Relentless Rush
    2) Sworn to Darkness
    3) Relentless Rush

  11. Relentless Rush
    Grave Advantage
    Relentless Rush


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