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November 1, 2012

Reads: Meddling the Azorius, and Creep and Conquer Goes Video

by Dredd77

Happy Thursday! We’ve got two reads to recommend today, and don’t forget that one of them is tied to a contest!

The first one up on offer is my Meddling of Azorius Advance. It’s a guild Theme Week this week, with Azorius-flavoured articles on both the mothership and Gathering Magic. On the latter, I take a look at the guild’s Intro Deck and reconstruct it to take full advantage of the detain mechanic.

Don’t forget, we’re running a comment contest on the guild deck Meddlings over at GM. Once all five Theme Weeks have concluded, we’ll be picking a random guild, then a random comment from that guild’s Meddling. If that’s you, you win! The prize, of course, is that guild’s Intro Pack, as well as all the cards that were added to Meddle it. Just in time to stuff someone’s stocking!

(If you missed the first one, Meddling Selesnya Surge, it’s not too late to get your name in over there as well.)

The other read is actually a ‘watch,’ since it’s a very good video breakdown of the Golgari Event Deck, Creep and Conquer. The author, ironical, posted it over at Reddit and it’s a fun ten minutes. He unboxes the deck and walks through its curve and synergies, goldfishes with it a couple times to show lines of play, then discusses how to streamline it for competitive play. Why not drop over and show your support, because the more positive reception there is for this sort of content, the more we’re likely to see it.

It’s another great precon day on the internet, enjoy!

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