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March 25, 2011


Coldsnap: Beyond the Grave Giveaway

by Dredd77

Nothing huge this time, but as it happens we happen to be in possession of an extra, sealed copy of the Coldsnap theme deck Beyond the Grave, and would like to share with one of the Lament readers.

We’ll keep this one really light and simple: every comment left on a Coldsnap review gets your name in the hat, and we’ll draw a winner a few days after the last review goes up.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Coldsnap reviews as much as we’ll enjoy bringing them to you, and good luck to everyone participating! The first review goes up tomorrow.

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  1. Mar 25 2011

    Gonna regift the Battlegrace Angel playmat we signed? :p

    • Mar 25 2011

      Ha, like you did with the Infest one? 😀

      Heck no, that one’s a keeper. Funny thing is, I came thisclose to reclaiming the Infest one you won from us waybackwhen… and that’s the springboard for my next QuietSpec piece this Thursday.

  2. Icehawk
    Mar 25 2011

    Nice. Incentive for peeps to get posting and getting our geek on.

  3. EpicBroccoli
    Mar 26 2011

    Cool, I wasn’t into Magic when Coldsnap came out, the reviews of this deck should be interesting.

  4. Mar 27 2011

    sounds pretty sweet, cold snap brings back so many memories of ICEAGE – i really loved that block.

  5. Ammon
    Mar 27 2011

    I didn’t play back then. Sounds like fun to give this one a try!

  6. Jon S
    Mar 28 2011

    Actually enjoying the play reviews of the older sets keep up the good work!


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