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October 2, 2013


So… Hello Folks!

by Dredd77

Here’s to hoping this post finds everyone in good spirit and good health! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but I was struck today by a particular comment left by Limbonic_Art. 

So sad this site is now almost dead… Is it all because of the store?

This thoughtful comment caught me on a few levels. First, though we haven’t been updating, the site is far from dead. It’s still charting between 800-1000 views a day, which is pretty amazing. That tells me that Ertai’s Lament has succeeded in one of its aims, which is providing a resource for those looking into the older decks.

Of course, for those looking for signs of life itself, such as Limbonic, it certainly could appear moribund thanks to the lack of visible activity. That brings me to the next point- if we haven’t been updating in just over a month… what have we been doing?

First, we’ve been running Moonlite Comics. I knew going into it that it would be a lot of work, but even at my most generous estimates I vastly underestimated how much goes into it. Right now, I’m essentially working two full-time jobs, seven days a week. It sadly doesn’t leave a lot of time left over for other things, no matter how much aspiration is there. I’m steadily working towards finding the right balance between the store, my regular day job, and everything else, so that’s a work in progress.

There’s also one other big reason for our absence.


Say hello to Declan and Lorcan Kirkman! Our wee ones entered the world together on 16 September, a full TWO MONTHS ahead of schedule! It’s been unimaginably hectic around here on top of everything else, but they’re fighters the both of them and they’re doing even better than we dared to hope. No major issues to speak of as yet, and two days ago they both surpassed their birth weight after the initial drop in weight most babies experience. They’re thriving (but prayers are always welcome!)!

Jimi hasn’t left the hospital since they arrived, making a huge sacrifice for our babies in terms of sanity and exposure to horrible food. Sam and the boys have stepped up to help run the house, so we’re all getting through.

So yeah… things have been a little busy around here, but Ertai’s Lament is far from dead.

I promise.

I remember Gathering Magic before it was Gathering Magic, when it was just a really popular casual Magic site run by two guys. As the end arrived and their updates became less and less, you couldn’t shake that feeling of impending doom. Not so here. We’l be back very soon with a lot of catching up to do. I’ve already been poking around the Intro Packs of Theros, and one of them in particular blew my socks off.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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  1. Wayne Macks
    Oct 2 2013

    Thank goodness. I think we’ve all missed the reviews like crazy!

    Congrats on the twins and on the (hopefully) success of Moonlite!
    Keep up the great work, y’all!

  2. lightside
    Oct 2 2013

    Congratulations on the little ones! They are adorable!

    I can’t wait to see your Theros Intro Pack reviews. I finally got my significant other to get an intro pack with me. (Duel Decks were still too complicated for her.) I got Favors from Nyx and she got Manipulative Monstrosities. (I really hope they are balanced!)

    I’ll have to compare our notes to yours after she and I slug it out. If this is too much for her still, we can always continue playing Kaijudo. (which she absolutely digs, btw) Feel free to keep on reviewing Kaijudo precons, too! We will enjoy reading them!

  3. Yay! Glad to see things are going well (albeit challenging)!

  4. Grue
    Oct 3 2013

    Congratulations! Very happy to hear things are going well…we’ll be patient while you take care of the important things. Good luck with everything!

  5. Oct 3 2013

    Welcome to the MTG Dad’s club. Glad everyone is doing well. Take your time, you’ve got your hands full.

  6. Ruaranicus
    Oct 3 2013

    Fantastic news on all fronts! Congrats on the bairns and good to hear that everything is running…well, as smoothly as it can get with a pair of early arrivals! Hope to hear from EL again soon and take care of yourselves in the meantime, all the best! 🙂

  7. Oct 3 2013

    Oh gosh! Congratulations on the little ones, and hope Jimi gets well soon!

    In the meantime, I’ll be getting back to reading all the precon reviews I missed (and, as it turns out, some Irish history as well…)

  8. Aegis
    Oct 4 2013

    Welcome to Declan and Lorcan! May they grow well and strong.

    And fantastic to hear the site isn’t dead – I only recently found it and have much enjoyed your content already.

  9. mcc1701
    Oct 4 2013

    Congrats on the little ones. They are adorable and I’m sure you two are very proud.

    I do look forward to seeing your theros intro pack reviews, and I should check your online store again to see updates.

  10. Jay Chong
    Oct 4 2013

    Congrats! It’s good to see so much success when all we hear in the media is bad news =)

  11. Icehawk
    Oct 7 2013


  12. DomaDragoon
    Oct 11 2013

    Now that is a good reason to not be posting. Best of wishes for the children.

  13. laurent
    Oct 14 2013

    Congrats for the babies, they’re cutes 😀
    Take your time, you both deserve it…and…what is the Theros prrcom that blew your socks off (just the name will do)?

    • I’m guessing it’s Blazing Beasts of Myth. That crazy thing has 8 straight-up burn spells, plus four conditional / limited removal spells. That’s ridiculous for a precon. It also has four creatures that help it ramp, and a solid gang of fighting creatures.

      Manipulative Monstrosities is my second guess – it also has a surprisingly strong removal package, but it has one more land than BBoM (i.e. too many), and I don’t think the creature pool is as solid as the one in BBoM.

      Those two strike me as the strongest of the five intro packs.

  14. Mike
    Oct 26 2013

    Congratulations on the twins. I hope that they (and Jimi) are home now and doing well. I’m really glad to hear that you don’t plan on letting the site die. As I said before, it’s one of a kind.

  15. congratulations on everything . By the way sir, as a fan of this site, are you planning to finish the incomplete sets from the Non modern precons like Urza’s Legacy? Just a suggestion, if you’re busy, maybe you can have a friend write a review of the older precons or in case you don’t have some of the cards, proxies will do. More power and thanks for the great reads

  16. signofzeta
    Dec 23 2013

    I might be replying way too late, but if you want to do the precon championships again, I think I know what you could do with the 2003-2005, 2001-2003, 1999-2001, and the 1997-1999 series. You could also stagger them, like let’s say, one year you did 1999-2001, the next year you could do 2000-2002, where you would have the same decks that you used last year. We also know that core sets come before the third set in the old days, so to make it simpler, it would be released after the third set instead. Anyways, I’ll give an example:

    1999-2001 precon championships would include:
    Starter 1999 theme decks
    Masques block theme decks
    Invasion block theme decks
    NOT 7th edition theme decks.

    2000-2002 precon championships would include:
    7th edition theme decks
    Invasion block Theme Decks
    Odyssey block Theme Decks

    2001-2003 precon championships would include:
    7th edition theme decks
    Odyssey block theme decks
    Onslaught block theme decks

    You get the idea.

    In each series, there will ALWAYS be 29 theme decks, no matter what. If you want to include the Portal 3 kingdoms decks, lump them in with Starter 1999.

  17. william
    Feb 12 2014

    My name is William, first time poster, long time reader.
    First of all: love the site and congratulation with the twins and the store.
    I’ve been a long time lurker/reader and find your opinion very well written and (almost) always spot on. However, It’s been a very long time since there was an update in this site and that is a real shame. Are I correct to usume that you are very occupied and will not be posting in the future? It’s not a snare or a vile comment towards you, because I ,and many others, truthfully appreciate what you have done for us. But I feel sorrow every time I check the site and find the same posts there were last time. It’s safe to say, we really miss the battles, the analyses and above all: we miss Ertai’s Lament.

    Hope you’ll read this and maybe find it worthy to make a quick reply.

    Kind regards;

  18. Wayne Macks
    Aug 9 2015

    Hey, guys. Hope everything is going well. I’ve really missed all the reviews here, especially since there have been A LOT of precons come out, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Just wanted to say that there are still those of us that are hoping y’all come back. Best wishes.


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