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May 15, 2014


Coming Soon…

by Dredd77


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  1. Jay Chong
    May 15 2014

    Holy…HE’S BACKKKK!!!!!!!

  2. Huzzah!!!

  3. errtu
    May 16 2014

    Yeah!!!! 😀

  4. darksamus
    May 16 2014

    GREAT!!!!! This is the best magic blog I’ve ever read, and now it’s back!

  5. Matt
    May 16 2014

    YEAH! More Ertai goodness. 🙂

  6. May 18 2014

    Eeeeexcellent. I can’t wait to see what hilariously wrongheaded predictions we’ll all make!

    • Icehawk
      Jun 14 2014

      Yeah, watch Tibalt (I think it’d be in this) kick everyone’s butts. >.> He’s had enough of being the butt of everyone’s joke. This time he’s out for vengeance. And yogurt. He’s also out of yogurt, so he may have to stop at a store on the way to the championship.

  7. Icehawk
    May 22 2014

    Oh yeah!

  8. Aegis of Faith
    May 24 2014

    Ooooooooooooooooohhh….. 😀

  9. Ruaranicus
    May 25 2014

    IT LIVES! Hooray!

  10. Steven
    May 27 2014

    YEEEESSSSS !!!! Ertai’s Lament is finally back!!! BEST….NEWS…EVER !!!!

  11. Laurent
    Jun 14 2014

    Aw Yeaaaaaah!! The lament is over, ertai is back and so is the Championship!!

  12. signofzeta
    Jun 27 2014

    So which decks are elegible for this competition?

    Let me guess

    Chaos Reigns
    Night of the Ninja
    Primordial Hunger
    Savage Auras

    Path to Victory
    Depths of Power
    Sole Domination
    Mob Rule
    Wild Rush

    Repeat Performance
    Sweet Revenge

    Izzet Deck
    Golgari Deck

    Azorius Advance
    Izzet Ingenuity
    Rakdos Raid
    Golgari Growth
    Selesnya Surge

    Wrack and Rage
    Creep and Conquer

    Orzhov Oppression
    Dimir Dementia
    Gruul Goliaths
    Boros Batallion
    Simic Synthesis

    Thrive and Thrash
    Rally and Rout

    Sorin’s Deck
    Tibalt’s Deck

    Azorius Authority
    Orzhov Power
    Rakdos Revelry
    Gruul Siege
    Simic Domination

    Strength of Selesnya

    So uh, I hope that all 35 decks are somehow elegible for the competition, although event decks seem to have the advantage.

    • Jenesis
      Jun 28 2014

      If it’s anything like previous PDC’s, the lowest ranking ones will be kicked out of the bracket to make an even 32.

  13. Soooooooooo…how soon is “soon?” 😀

    • Icehawk
      Jul 27 2014

      You’ll know then when we get past now now and get to then. I could tell you, but then then would be now, and now would no longer be then.

  14. Icehawk
    Aug 18 2014


    Speed vs Cunning. It looks like this may be the first duel deck I skip. Won’t know for sure till we see the decks, but the name doesn’t stir me at all. That hasn’t happened to me before. Might get it after release. I normally preorder to get a little better deal. Oh well.

    Then we have Commander 2014 where each will be getting a mono-planeswalker. Still too far out to know much, but I only bought 1 of the last ones. Did buy some singles. I bet I’ll go that way again. Not really huge on planeswalkers though.

    • Icehawk
      Aug 18 2014

      Every since I started with Angels vs Demonds, the themes have kept me buying Duel Decks. I like to have a variety, and I’ve enjoyed them all. The decklist on the mothership looks lhas me wishing it had more new block feel to it. Oh well. They look like they’d be fun to play against one another.

  15. signofzeta
    Aug 22 2014

    Lol, this is like my cousin’s NHL 13 league with his buddies. The stanley cup winner has not been crowned yet, and the release of NHL 15 is looming, meaning that it took them an entire year to finish the tournament in which it is still not finished, and by the time they finish, NHL 15 would have been out already, without ever starting a league for NHL 14. It’s like the precon has not been crowned yet and the entirety of Khans of Tarkir block intro packs, clash packs, and event decks, M16 clash packs and intro packs, 2 more duel decks, Commander 2014, and whatever is going to be released in June 2015 would have already been released, and a precon championship for both 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 can be done.

    I dunno guys, do you think this precon championship will be done or will it be postponed and years of MTG sets would have been released, thus piling on more precon championships?

    • Icehawk
      Aug 23 2014

      Ertai was doing 1-2 championships per calender year. I want to say 1 was the last core set to just before the new one, and the other was the same range from a year before these started. So in theory, we’d eventually have a championship for the entirity of magic’s history and potententially a championship of champions.

  16. Still waiting, and hoping…both for a return of the championships and for reviews of the Khans intro decks!

  17. signofzeta
    Oct 19 2014

    I guess i could do the precon championships provided the decks used are the ones I listed above. I pretty much own all of the precons I listed above except Savage Auras and Creep and Conquer.

    2 problems though, I am lazy and I have no friends.

    If I had it my way, I would use the NHL schedule to mimic the way the matchups are done with each deck representing each NHL team.

    The NHL has 2 conferences each with 2 divisions. With the 2 blocks per year and each block having 2 sets, this really fits. The NHL has 2 divisions with 7 teams and 2 divisions with 8 teams, although both divisions in the western conference have 7 teams and both divisions in the eastern conference has 8 teams. Geography is just not fair.

    Any precon that is packaged from that set is in the same division. 5 Magic 2015 intro packs and the 2 decks from the clash pack will be in the same division. Any khans of tarkir precon will be in the same division. The only decks elegible in this tournament are the intro packs, duel decks, clash packs (separately), and event decks. The way duel decks will work is that each one of them will be in a different division, but the duel decks as a pair will be in the same conference, so with speed vs cunning, speed will belong to the khans of tarkir division, and cunning will belong in the fate reforged division.

    The eligible decks will be the ones starting from the duel decks released in september up to the expansion released in July. Each deck will have a 82 game season. The top 3 teams in each division is guaranteed a playoff spot. The top 2 teams in the conference that aren’t in the top of their division will go into the wild card spot. Only 16 of 30 decks will make the playoffs.

    5 intro packs in 4 sets makes 20 decks.

    Add 2 duel decks to make 24 decks.

    Add 2 event decks to make 26 decks.

    Add 2 clash packs to make 30 decks.

    30 decks. 30 NHL teams. 4 sets per year. 4 divisions. 2 blocks per year. 2 conferences. Everything matches up.


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