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February 8, 2013


Giveaway: Gatecrash Intro Pack and Meddlings!

by Dredd77

It’s that time again- Theme Weeks are back, and each of the five Intro Pack decks from Gatecrash are getting a well-deserved makeover over on Gathering Magic. Today, it’s the Boros Legion’s turn.

The previous round of Meddlings for Return to Ravnica were a blast to do, and for this latest round for the remaining five guilds, we’re bringing back the giveaway! That’s right, we’re giving away a second Gatecrash Intro Pack (the first contest is found here), plus all of the extra cards used in Meddling it to give you an extra boost in tuning the deck yourself. As an added bonus,  we’ll also throw in a draft set of boosters, just like last time. If you missed out before, here’s your second chance!

The format will be the same.  At the end of the run of five articles, I’ll pick one guild at random, and then randomly choose one person who left at least one comment on that guild’s Meddling feature. Ta-daa! That person wins the prize.

As always, I’m not looking for the Great American Novel in the comments, just something with a little more relevance to the article than “in” or “present” or “first!”

This is our way to give something back for all the support the Meddling series has gotten. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy!

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  1. Feb 8 2013

    Hoorah! Love a good meddling; good luck assembling them, too.

    The “Hering Magic” picture to go with this article looks a little fishy, though. Are you in a mischievous mood today?

    • Feb 8 2013

      Nah, it was just for the halibut…

      • Goldmane
        Feb 16 2013

        This was a wonderful reply 🙂

  2. Matt
    Feb 8 2013

    Second! Okay, just kidding. I’ll play nice.

  3. Thecriminalmanbat
    Feb 8 2013


  4. TheB00kah
    Feb 8 2013

    I can’t wait to see how the Dimir and Simic Deck perform at the end.
    Will it be a Dimir Mill or Beat-Mill Deck or maybe a combination out of Cipher and some black Extort creatures? I just can’t imagine how the Simic Deck will lock at the end.

    • torsoboi
      Feb 13 2013

      I also want to see the Simic deck get a little more focus. At the moment, it’s a big mess of ideas with some pretty poor execution. Dimir, though, does have a lot of cool options in having such interesting mechanics; I’m pretty excited to see the direction that deck takes.

      On a note for Boros: Wooooooo, Skyknight is back!

  5. Mathyou!
    Feb 8 2013

    Sounds excellent! It’s enough motivation to get me to start posting. Down with being a lurker!

  6. Aleria
    Feb 8 2013

    I have to say, the synergy of Boros with the R/W humans deck my friend already runs is ridiculous, even though it’s mostly Innistrad block.

  7. mark
    Feb 9 2013

    Thanks for the info n stuff, trying to make a boros deck but getting lost in starting and this helps

  8. laurel
    Feb 22 2013

    I’m hoping to see Simic Synthesis meddled, it needs the help! It looked like it was going to be such fun and I thought green blue is a nice change from some of the black heavy precons of late (unless thats my imagination).

  9. Dzuy
    Mar 3 2013

    Alright, more Meddling, I really want to see Orzhov Oppression made into a fully dedicated Extort deck.

  10. Margaret
    Mar 16 2013

    What a great site! This is so much fun….in addition to great information and insight!


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