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March 11, 2013


Thundermaw Hellkite Giveaway from Mind Games

by Dredd77

Happy Monday, everyone! Need a quick bit of cheer to start the week? Jimi’s Magic store, Mind Games Ltd, is giving away a Thundermaw Hellkite on St. Patrick’s Day, this coming Sunday! Entering the drawing couldn’t be easier- just sign up for her weekly email newsletter. One lucky name will be drawn from the hat, and voila- free Dragon!

If you like Magic giveaways (and who doesn’t), don’t forget we have two contests going on right now. One for Mercadian Masques, and another for the Gatecrash Intro Pack meddlings over at Gathering Magic. You might also consider following Jimi on Twitter for more giveaways as she continues building up her store.

Now that’s some cheer!

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  1. Mar 11 2013

    You should put a link to Jimi’s Twitter. 🙂

    • Mar 11 2013

      Wow, me fail social media. 😀

      Fixed, and thank you!

  2. Jorge caro
    Mar 16 2013

    I must also be failing….I can’t find where to sign up for the email list on her site.

  3. Mar 16 2013

    No worries! If you go to the site, look at the left-hand sidebar. See where all the sets are listed? Go just a little further down, it will be listed under “Our Newsletter”


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