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October 20, 2012


Giveaway: Return to Ravnica Intro Pack and Meddlings!

by Dredd77

You may recall a little while ago that we decreed that because you, the readers, are responsible for generating the ad revenue on the site, we wanted to give that revenue back in terms of contests and giveaways. While we have one active giveaway on right now in the form of the Preconstructed Deck Championships, we’d like to go ahead and kick another one off!

Yesterday the first of my five Meddling features appeared on Gathering Magic, a reworking of the Selesnya Surge deck using the classic meddling formula (no added rares or mythics, only using sets the cards in the deck are from). Unlike previous sets, I’ll be doing all five decks this time around, so that no guild gets left behind. This also allows me to participate in supporting Trick Jarrett’s “Theme Week” initiative on the mothership.

In light of that, let’s stick one more parcel into Santa’s bag while we’re at it, and stage another ‘comment contest.’ At the end of the run of five articles, I’ll pick one guild at random, and then randomly choose one person who left at least one comment on that guild’s Meddling feature. Ta-daa! That person wins the prize: that guild’s Intro Packplus all of the cards I added to meddle it. And heck, let’s throw in a draft set of boosters to boot. Whether your end-of-year festivities be religious or secular in nature, who doesn’t like a little free Magic?

As always, I’m not looking for the Great American Novel in the comments, just something with a little more relevance to the article than “in” or “present” or “first!”

If this sounds good and you’d like to get your hat in the ring for the prize package, why not head over to Meddling Selesnya Surge and get started?

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  1. Aeschylus
    Oct 20 2012

    Sweet. I can’t wait to see what you do with the Izzet deck.

  2. mcc1701
    Oct 20 2012

    Sweet, I’m happy to see this site getting more popular, and I can’t wait to see the rakdos deck tweaked 🙂

  3. elias
    Oct 20 2012

    Out!! Absent!! Last!!!
    Will that do:)!

  4. Oct 21 2012

    Izzet all the way!!!

  5. portalgeist
    Oct 21 2012

    Rakdos deck tweeked would be awesome

  6. arom
    Oct 21 2012

    can u send it uf im from another country?? O_o?

    • Oct 22 2012

      Yes, we’re happy to support our international community!

  7. laurel
    Dec 17 2012

    I haven’t gotten that deck yet, my husband and I actually read the ratings here before we buy any of them now. We’ve been buying cards like they’re going out of style (were they ever in style?) I did beat him with the Izzet deck from Izzet v Golgari and I’ve already started added the meddles* to Izzet Ingenuity.

    And once Metalcraft arrives on my doorstep (Merry Christmas to ME) I’ll start meddling that as well. Did anyone know that “myr” means a million years?

    * cards suggested to be added to improve deck


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