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March 29, 2011


News: Phyrexia Announces Total Victory

by Dredd77


 Phyrexia Announces Total Victory

The Machine Orthodoxy today announced total victory for the forces of Phyrexia and the utter obliteration of all that was Mirran.

“The Great Work is Complete,” said Grand Cenobite Elesh Norn. “The stain of imperfection which is Mirrodin has been scourged and in its place we have shaped the face of New Phyrexia.”

Jin-Gitaxius, Praetor of the Progress Engine, Augur to The Core continued, “The raw flesh we have at our disposal will allow us to continue The Great Synthesis unabated. Our destiny lies outside the crude battles between slavering beasts of which we have endured these many years. Through our experimentation will arise the strength of New Life.”

Other prominent Praetors were also in attendance. The Voice of Hunger, Vorinclex, took a defiant tone. “The struggle for survival is never complete. Wherever there is weakness, there is still the necessity of conflict. As the predator cannot abide prey, so do the strong feed upon the strong. Our purpose has only begun.”

Sheoldred, The Whispering One, declined conspicuous comment.

Praetor Urabrask was notably absent from the proceedings.


The above was sent to us by WotC and is not original to Lament. Big news, what’s everyone think?

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  1. Icehawk
    Mar 29 2011

    I love the NP Fat Pack art. This will be my first fat pack purchase, and boy do I need them. >.> I have quite a few decks from DDs and such and nothing to put them in.

    Be sure to watch the trailer. That was epic. Really tells you where they want this to go and that this is just the beginning.

    I like this outcome as it opens far more doors than the alternative. The trailer above makes me like it even more.

  2. web8970
    Mar 29 2011

    Somehow to me it doesn’t fit for the Phyrexian subtlety to maintain a distinct PR department … 😉

    However, countdown is on!

    • Icehawk
      Mar 29 2011

      One of the Praetors apparently has a huge ego and wanted one. Probably the blue one for misinformation purposes as well as bragging. 😉

      • Jered
        Mar 29 2011

        Maybe the White one? I think White’s more egotistical than Blue, personally.

  3. Jered
    Mar 29 2011

    I love that NP won. It provides more insight than just “Good guys win.” If you can hear the voiceover, you can hear another voice, probably the Mirran side. “The infectors will become the infected.” Doesn’t it sound more interesting?

  4. Matt
    Mar 30 2011

    Its good to see that our new Phyrexian overlords will continue our tradition of writing AP style for press releases.


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