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March 29, 2011


News: Mirran Resistance Undeterred

by Dredd77



Mirran Resistance Undeterred


 Although widely believed to be categorically defeated, the voice of the Mirran resistance remains a steadfast presence on the plane. A very recent transmission intercepted by this agency seemed to indicate a small but resolute faction willing to continue the fight.

 “…the struggle is far from over,” asserted the anonymous voice of Mirrodin. “…The infectors have become the infected…” While their location is unknown, their presence is still felt within the highest echelons of the Phyrexian High Command.

 For the time being, it would appear that New Phyrexia has arrived at last. However, as one Mirran resistance fighter put it earlier today, “All may be one, but not all is lost.”


Again, from WotC

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  1. Icehawk
    Mar 29 2011

    If you pay attention to the trailer, the line that doesn’t have a Mirran response is very telling.

    Clearly, this is far from over. Outside forces and all.

  2. Stric9
    Mar 29 2011

    Does anyone know the link to the original postings by everyone regarding their opinion of the Phyrexia vs. Mirrodin battle? I’d like to take a look back and see how accurate some of the predictions were. As I said before, I took the side of of Mirrodin for the pre-release, but have believed all along that Phyrexia would conquer the planet. However, even in the face of defeat, the Mirrans are not doomed. “The infectors have become the infected” indicates to us a truly “New” Phyrexia where even the compleated are not necessarily absolute Phyrexians. This goes all the way back to the original novels with Urza and his companion, Xantcha, who had been compleated yet was still able to retain her independence and disobey the will of Grixis. We now have a world where Phyrexia is in all things, but not all things are Phyrexian.

    • Mar 29 2011

      That would be the contest thread, found here.

      I’m rather pleased with this outcome- not that Phyrexia wins, but that it does so much less thoroughly than I’d assumed. I like the idea of a ‘Mirran Resistance’ much better than that of the Mirran opposition. I guess that’s cake and eating it too…

      • Icehawk
        Mar 29 2011

        Makes more sense. Especially with all the infighting likely to happen as the Praetors fight for dominance. I really doubt Karn will be full Father of the Machines. A divided phryexia is a far richer story element than a united one with a little infighting.

        I suspect Karn will be their crazy uncle for a while.

        Looks like Tezzy will be stuck there for a while.

      • web8970
        Mar 30 2011

        A Mirran resistance would imply a return to Mirrodin somewhen in the future … would a third Mirrodin block be that exciting?

        • Mar 30 2011

          It’s possible, but I think a more likely scenario might be a future block where the Phyrexians are the villains some new plane, and we see Koth, Venser, or Elspeth show up to stop them, just as we saw Sorin arrive on Zendikar. I doubt they’ll have a third visit to one place anytime soon.

  3. Prophylaxis
    Mar 30 2011

    Part of me feels like that WotC will pull the blanket on us and announce some April Fool’s joke (Mirrodin Pure) on Friday. I have reservations.

    By the way, when’s the forum starting?

    • Apr 2 2011

      That’s still in the works. To get forums one the site, I’d need to have plug-ins available, and WordPress will only permit those if I host the site myself. It’s a threashold I’m wanting to cross for that and other reasons (real card links!), but am taking it slowly out of fear of breaking the site.


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