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August 20, 2012


Reads: Twin Geeks “Magic the Gathering for Beginners”

by Dredd77

Our latest entry in the Reads series- those articles of interest to the precon community we find around the net- isn’t so much a read as it is a watch. The Twin Geeks are a pair of guys from London who make video reviews of all sorts of things on their site. From high-end bikes to stereo speakers to iPhone apps to… Magic: the Gathering?

Yep! In their latest video review pitched largely at folks who don’t (yet) play Magic, Sebastian de Latour walks us through a pair of Intro Packs from Magic 2013. It’s a novel approach and a fun watch (plus we got a mention), so why not head over and say hello?




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  1. Aug 20 2012

    Thanks for the mention Jay! Glad you liked the video – I wasn’t sure if people would find it useful or interesting so your approval is reassuring 🙂 I’m planning to rummage through the Deck Builder’s Toolkit this week so keep an eye for that video as well.

  2. Icehawk
    Aug 20 2012



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