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August 30, 2011


CasualNation #48: Top Ten Theme Decks of All Time

by Dredd77

Just a quick note to recommend an excellent article on GatheringMagic by Abe Sargent today where he lists out his Top 10 theme decks. Although I take good-natured issue with one of his points (as noted in the comments section), it’s a fun read and always grand to see precons in the spotlight. Head on over and let ’em know we’re reading!

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  1. MiniLuv
    Aug 30 2011

    I was a little sad that he said theme decks from Mirrodin, Kamigawa, + Ravnica were boring=[

    • Varo
      Aug 31 2011

      Yeah, i agree with you. Kamigawa ones may be a bit underwhelming, but both Mirrodin and Ravnica ones are among my favourites!

      Even though, it is a nice article, thanks to Jay for pointing it out.

  2. Tony
    Aug 30 2011

    One of Abe Sargent’s articles back in the day is what got me into playing and collecting pre-cons

    After reading that article is when I got my first precon “Kithkin Militia”
    and my love for these decks started.

    As for his choices though, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with #6 “Barrage” from Planeshift. I have all the theme decks from that block and I have never had any luck getting that deck to work well. “Domain” on the other hand is one of my favorite decks and Im glad to see it got an honorable mention.

    I just played a game rolling dice for random precons and I rolled #3 “Unraveling Mind” and played against “Distress” from Prophecy. “Unraveling Mind” is most definitely deserving of the spot an…Its just SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY!

    I dont have #2’s “The Plague” but I did play against it last weekend. Yes it is most a brutal deck.

    I do have #1 “Sparkler” but its kind of a more recent acquisition and as I tend to play randomly rolled decks from the dice I haven’t really got a chance to play this one…

    Just seeing an Abe Sargent article here at the lament kinda caught me by surprise so I had to say something since his article many years ago is what started my love for these decks.

  3. errtu
    Sep 1 2011

    Except for Propaganda, i have all the cards from The Sparkler. I think i’ll (p)reconstruct this deck and have a go with it next time i play against friends.

  4. Abe
    Sep 2 2011

    Thanks again for the love all!



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