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May 11, 2013


Whispers of the Muse: Benjamin M’s “Charge of the Boros”

by Dredd77

Welcome to another installment of Whispers of the Muse, our occasional deckbuilding series devoted to ‘crowdsourcing’ improvements on a preconstructed deck. We present a deck idea submitted by a reader, then turn it over to you for guidance and improvements!

Today’s deck comes to us by way of Benjamin M, who’s looking to update a blast from the past with Ravnica’s Charge of the Boros.

With Dragon’s Maze out I’ve been looking at the older precons again. I like white-red decks (heck, who doesn’t). Whereas blue-green is one of the tricky combos, with lots of strange interactions, white/red tends to be a little more straight forward but still quite fun (at least in my experience).
Using the cards that have been released since Ravnica, I would like to hear suggestions for cards that fit well into the ‘Boros mindset’. Obviously I am mostly thinking of the Ravnica sets (past and present), but some of the white/red cards in Alara and Eventide are also not bad fits. 
Here’s a look at the original list.

So who would like to pick up the gauntlet and help Benjamin reforge the mighty Boros into a weapon befitting so martial a guild?
Got a precon you’d like some help rebuilding? Just drop us a line and let us know what deck you’re looking at, what cards you’d like considered, and what direction you’d like to take the deck in!
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  1. Varo
    May 12 2013

    Hi Benjamin! I have been modifying this deck for a few years by now for a friend.

    First things first, i’d up the Skyknight legionnaires to 4, it’s an incredible card, and pretty cheap (it has also been reprinted in Gatecrash).
    I’d also remove the spells with the “radiance” mechanic, they are as dangerous as useful. I’d also take off the commandos and fit in a few cheap battalion creatures like Boros elite and Daring skyjek.

    One spell that i find explosive in this deck is the aura from Eventide: Scourge of the nobilis. Slap that onto a Skyknight legionnaire or a Boros swiftblade and you won’t die while the creature stands. It is an aura, so it has the weaknesses associated with them, but i assure you it’s worth trying.

    • Icehawk
      May 12 2013

      Agree with a lot here as I said earlier below. I recently realized how much of my casual Boros deck switched from things like Boros Recruit to Battalion related stuff. It’s still probably a 50-50 split between new and old, but it feels far more like a legion assembling than it used to.

      One other thing I forgot: get the old Skyknight, not the reprint. They’re cheap and the art is a billion times better.

      • Varo
        May 13 2013

        Another vote for old art Skyknight!

  2. Icehawk
    May 12 2013

    I used to use Scourge, but I dropped it for something more fitting I think. I really really don’t like Daring Skyjek. I’d run Wojek Haliberbers (I butchered that) over it. Skyknight and angels are your air power. So agree about Radiance.

    Agrus is nice, but I went with 4 Glory of Warfare (it stole Scourge’s spot) as my main “anthems.” I’m a casual player, so it works. 4 boros Charm, 2 Lightning Helix (I only have 2…), 4 Intimidation Bolt, something else are the foundation of my other spells.

    Creature wise, I use 4 Swiftblade, 4 Elite, 4 Skyknight, a pair of Truefire Paladins, pair of Wojek Hal… 2 Firemane Avengers, 2 Razias, and 2 others I don’t recall what…

    Lands I use a few mountains, plains, 2 Garrisons, 2 Gates, 2 Sunhomes.

    The curve of the deck is really low even as a casual deck, but you notice it’s a lot of small dudes and spells. I’m a casual player. I built the deck for flavor and fun, but i Think it’s quite powerful. The only thing boros really lacks is card draw, so that’s why I run with quite a few 4 of’s compared to my other casual decks that can draw cards.

    Assemble the Legion, Sunforge Guildmage or whatever it’s call, and a bunch of others are super rich in flavor, but i felt they didn’t fit this deck. They may your’s. Assemble is just competing with Glory of Warfare at the higher end of my CMC curve. It lost. Great cards for a Commander Boros deck though.

    Sure I’ll post more as I think of it. Me loves Boros!

  3. May 12 2013

    Thanks for all the comment.s For some reason I’m always fond of giving Boros to player’s who I am teaching to play when they get to the two-color deck stage. Not that it’s not a fun combo at more advanced levels 😉

    • Icehawk
      May 13 2013

      Well, it is a deck that plays out like you’re assembling your legion. I’d imagine it’s a good deck to branch out into multi-colors with. It’s fairly straight forward, yet you can toss in stuff like a sunforger and all and make it more.


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