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May 11, 2013

News & Notes 5/11/2013: Trickery, Tap II, Mind Swarm, and More!

by Dredd77

Hey folks! Here are a few updates from the world of Magic and Ertai’s Lament!

Mind Swarm Giveaway

You might recall that during our review of Darksteel, we held a random giveaway for a copy of Mind Swarm for one lucky reader who left a comment! Jay Chong was the name that came out of the hat, but he’s declined it- asking kindly that it be given to someone else. We’ve thrown the names back in the hat, and the random winner is… Limbonic_Art! We’ll be in touch, and see if we can’t find this mono-Black construction a loving home!

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Meddling on MTG Salvation

If you haven’t checked out my latest Meddling article on Gathering Magic, I throw a unique twist into the format this time around. Instead of working with one deck, I combine both of each guild’s decks and try and craft the best 60 cards I can from them. Longtime readers might recall this being done with some other decks in the past, and Laurent suggested a dusting off of that old format.

It’s proving to be a fun exercise, and someone has started up a thread to put up deck ideas over at MTG Salvation. If you’re interested in taking a stab at this challenge yourself, head on over!

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Comments on Gathering Magic

A few of you have asked about the disappearance of older comments on some of my earlier Meddling articles on Gathering Magic. Turns out, after a couple of weeks they get taken down as a way to reduce the amount of spam the site has to contend with. However, Adam’s taken another look at the spam situation, and thinks the coast is clear to extend that out to 360 days. So if you went looking for a certain comment or deck idea a reader discussed, you should be able to find it now. Three cheers for Adam and Gathering Magic!

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Tap 2TAP II is Filming!

Some of you might remember a promotion we did for a Czech film called TAP: Max’s Game, a game about a group of Magic-playing friends in the vein of the classic sports drama. Those eager for more will be delighted to learn that filming has started on the next installment.

If you’re a fan of the first film, Magic and cinema, or sports dramas in general this is exciting news! Director-producer Kamil Beer is looking for help raising awareness of the film, so by all means if you’re interested stop on by and say hello!

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Twin Geeks Review the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit

I’m late to the party on this one, but Sebsatian gave an entertaining walkthrough of the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit for Magic 2013 earlier this year. As we approach Magic 2014 some of the cards may change, but the core product itself is likely to remain just as we know it. You may remember Sebastian from the great review of the Magic 2013 Intro Packs we linked to awhile back, and it’s great to see them continuing to add Magic into the tremendous variety of things the Twin Geeks cover.

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Jimi’s Got Dragon’s Maze!

Finally, a word from our “sponsor” as Jimi’s got some Dragon’s Maze singles up at her store. We greatly appreciate the support her new venture’s been given, and this has been an experience in embracing the unexpected! Long story short, the Post Office misdelivered her initial inventory, and she’s been a dervish getting more for the store while we wait for them to track down her order. Never a dull moment in business!

And that’s all for now! It’s a content-filled day as we’ve got one more article going up this evening, and we’re right back with the second part of the Gruul Siege review tomorrow.

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