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February 4, 2013


News: Gatecrash Event Deck Decklists Revealed!

by Dredd77

Fresh off the excitement of last night’s game, the mothership today has some pulse-quickening news of its own this morning- the Gatecrash Event Decks have been spoiled!

Boros and Simic mages in particular will have much cause for celebration as theirs are the featured guilds this time around. Whether its Thrive and Thrash or Rally and Rout, there’s a lot to look forward to in just a couple of weeks. The decks go on sale on 22 February, but why wait? Head on over and check out the deck lists!

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  1. Icehawk
    Feb 4 2013

    Now why did they throw that dual land in the Boros one instead of the Gatecrash one! Silly choice, but at least you get Gates.

    • tenthtechpriest
      Feb 4 2013

      i think it’s to make it easier to acquire for newer players since the shocklands will be (relatively) more common come Dragon’s Maze

      • Feb 4 2013

        It’s because Wizards wants more players to buy shocklands. Dual lands that leave the format will have to be replaced as that block phases out. Shocklands will be bought to replace them.

        • Feb 5 2013

          Indeed. You’re not going to see a lot of new chase cards get Event Deck inclusion. Next year’s Event Decks are likely to have the odd shockland, though.

      • Icehawk
        Feb 4 2013

        I’d love to see the price for them drop some. Wouldn’t mind a Sacred Foundry, but over 10 bucks for one is just nuts to me.

  2. nightwyrm
    Feb 4 2013

    At least the Boros one gets a dual. The Simic has to settle for guildgates.

  3. Varo
    Feb 4 2013

    The simic deck is… disappointing. It is only called simic for its colours, since it hasn’t even a single simic creature with evolve.

    The boros one is better, it packs a bunch of money rares, but overall i find Return to ravnica block event decks lacking, in comparison with the previous ones.


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