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October 2, 2012


News: Return to Ravnica Event Decks Revealed!

by Dredd77

Those watching the mothership yesterday found an unexpected and early treat- the decklists for the two upcoming Event Decks for Return to Ravnica have been spoiled!

Both Rakdos and the Golgari guilds were the lucky two chosen to receive the upgraded models. If you haven’t already, head on over and check them out!

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  1. Virideon
    Oct 2 2012

    I have to say, the Rakdos event deck looks absolutely abysmal.

    So, we have a Rakdos deck, which doesn’t include a single Rakdos rare. In fact, there’s only one Ravnica rare, and it’s an Izzit card.

    Also, I don’t mind most of the rares being from other sets, but couldn’t they find more interesting creatures than Stormkirk Noble? Yeah, it’s sometimes good against predominantly human decks – providing you get it early, and they have no removal or non-human blockers – but now we’re entering Ravnica, and it’s hardly another human set. Considering the leader of Rakdos is a Demon, it would have been nice to have some more demons or devils – which feel far more in line with Rakdos than an uptight vampire.

    The Golgari deck looks considerably better and (amazingly) actually includes a rare, which is not only from Ravnica, but actually from the Golgari Guild! A truly novel and groundbreaking concept, which was presumably devised just after the Rakdos deck was completed.

  2. errtu
    Oct 2 2012

    The Golgari decks looks pretty cool, but I don’t understand the Thragtusk in the sideboard though. I probably won’t pick up either of these as I’m hoping the interesting cards will be in my boosterbox next Friday 🙂

  3. Rafantastico
    Oct 2 2012

    Worst Event decks ever? Maybe… That makes me sad, because i had high expectatives for these two

    • Virideon
      Oct 2 2012

      As did I.

      I really don’t see how you can go this wrong with a deck.

      – Ravnica was one of the most (possibly *the* most) popular blocks of all time.

      – Because of the above, let’s make a second Ravnica set.

      – Lets then make sure that the decks contain as few Ravnica cards as possible – because, naturally, when players buy a “Ravnica Event Deck”, what they really want is a Innistrad deck, with some M13 and maybe a couple of Ravnica cards thrown in (if you’re lucky).

      And, why does the Rakdos deck have to have the most boring rares possible? Wow, I’m so glad that there are 2 Stromkirk Nobles in the deck – I was running out of crap rares for when my friends and I plat Ante. Oh, and we also get a Grafdigger’s Cage – presumably because the other cards had exceeded the quota of fun, and so it had to be artificially lowered with an exceptionally dull and pointless card.

      What a mess.

  4. Battle Catman
    Oct 4 2012

    Good news and bad news.

    Good news–the Golgari deck looks pretty solid.

    Bad news–the Golgari deck looks SO solid I bet it’s going to be a headache to find at reasonable cost.

  5. Ryukami
    Oct 5 2012

    I’ve only posted on here once before, but I HAD to respond to this. These are perhaps the absolute worst event decks I’ve seen. Not worst in terms of power, the Green/Black deck(I refuse to call it a Golgari deck and I’ll explain why in a bit) has a solid construction. However, what these decks lack is any ties to their guild. The Rakdos’ ONLY guilded rare is an IZZET card and the Golgari deck is basically an Innistrad-based build with some scavenge slapped on it to make it seem “golgari” despite being solidly rooted in Innisrad. Simply put, while these decks are fine as decks, as highlights and representatives of their respective guilds they fail utterly. WOC should have honestly just marketed them as a general R/B event deck and a general B/G event deck as these both are Innistrad heavy, Ravnica lite builds that do little to highlight the guilds they represent.

    At least I’m primarily an Orzhov player, so the fact that the event decks for these two guilds are so bad at representing their guild doesn’t bother me as much as if they gave the Orzhov this treatment. Also, the Golgari duel deck was pretty darn awesome at highlighting the guild, so at least Golgari players can pick up the duel deck and get a good representation of their favored guild. Rakdos players are sadly at a loss unless they want to go pick up the old Dissention theme deck, though.

    • Virideon
      Oct 6 2012

      As a Rakdos player, I’m really sad because there just isn’t a deck I want to buy.

      The intro pack is absolute cack, containing pointless crap from M13, and not nearly enough copies of the actual Ravnica cards. Why on earth did we need 2 crippling blights, 2 Zombie Goliaths and (worst of all) 3 Tormented Souls. Splendid – the only 3-of card has nothing whatsoever to do with Rakdos (or even the feel/flavour of Rakdos), and isn’t even from the Ravnica set. On top of that, I got both rares in the prerelease, and am certainly not desperate for second copies of either.

      The Rakdos Event Deck impressively manages to be even worse. Amazingly, we actually get some 4-ofs (and Rakdos cards no less!), with Rakdos Cackler and Rakdos Shred-Freak, and 3 copies of the guildmage. Unfortunately, that’s where the good stuff ends. Hellhole Flayer is a solid 3-drop, so we’re only allowed 2 copies. We also get two copies of Lightnign Mauler and Stonewright – both soulbound creatures that are completely pointless in this deck. We also get 2 Stromkirk Nobles, which are one of the worst rares I’ve seen in some time, and totally off-flavour for Rakdos. Finally, we get 3 copies of the of Infamy. This is impressive, because it implies that whoever built this deck has no idea whatsoever what Rakdos stands for, and how it actually wins (Yes, I’ll make all my creatures stronger, by sacrificing their ability to block… and then attack with just one of them per turn).

      And then, onto the noncreature support, we see the deck’s only Ravnica rare – Mizzium Mortars… an Izzit card. Wow. I’m impressed that they actually had the gall to call this piece of crap a “Rakdos Deck”. Aside from that, we have a single copy of Rakdos Charm, and everything else is just burn from Innistrad or M13. No Keyrunes, no Auger Sprees, not even a Deviant Glee. No, I tell a lie, we do get some kill spells, in the form of 2x Murder and 2x Ultimate Price, but for some strange reason they all start in the sideboard.

      Both of these decks have the same problem – they just don’t feel like rakdos decks. They both have too many non-rakdos (and, in many cases, non-ravnica) cards. There are too many cards that just don’t fit the theme or flavour at all.

      This makes me very sad, because I just don’t have much interest in the set any more. Ravnica was one of my favourite sets, and Return to Ravnica was the first set where I actually went to the prerelease. With any new set, my first purchase is always one of the decks – I feel it gives me a good foothold in the set (with a theme that I can then add to and build around). However, after attending the prerelease and getting a few nice cards, I realised that I just didn’t have any interest in getting more of the set. The decks are so pathetic, that I’ll probably just ignore them completely, and so will buy cards from Innistrad or Scars of Mirrodin instead.

      Honestly, it’s a very disappointing start for the return to one of my favourite sets.


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