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June 19, 2012


News: M13 Intro Packs Revealed!

by Dredd77

Today on the mothership, we’re been treated to a look at the upcoming Intro Packs (as well as the Fat Pack contents). The last time we saw legendary creatures in a core set was Tenth Edition, and a legendary creature anchored each of that set’s five mono-coloured Theme Decks.

As it turns out, we’re doing it again! M13’s Intro Packs will also be mono-coloured, with a legendary creature as its premium foil rare. Head on over and take a look!

UPDATE: We might have been premature on the colours. Sharp-eyed reader Excel noted that some of the descriptions hint at additional colour-content, so these might well be two-coloured after all. Our apologies for any confusion!

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  1. Excel
    Jun 19 2012

    Just thought I should point out… the intro-packs are actually dual-colored again. At least some of them are. The boxes give no clue that I could see either, but note in the description of the white deck Path to Victory: “Blue fliers provide air support as you march to victory.”

    Also in the blue Depths of Power: “[…] burn immediate threats”. Sounds like some red spells to me.

    • Jun 19 2012

      Curses! Serves me right for reading MTGS over my morning Cheerios before running out the door to work. Thanks for the catch, I’ll amend the article.

      • Excel
        Jun 19 2012

        Hah, well in your defense the boxes do look positively mono-coloured. It’s odd, considering how the intro decks usually clearly display their secondary color.

        I had a bit of a double-take moment myself while reading the article, when I saw a white deck advertise blue fliers!

  2. Jun 19 2012

    WU – Agreed with Excel

    UR – Agreed with Excel

    BW – Exalted mainly on white card

    RG – Two remaining secondary color are Black and Green. If there’s no mono deck then Red paired with Green. especially ‘when your mobs GROWS.’

    GB – ‘Crush your enemies when they least expect’ black deathtouch creatures with flash!

    • Excel
      Jun 19 2012

      I agree with your pairings, but I doubt the green deck will contain much in the way of black creatures since Yeva only affects green creatures. I’m sure Return to Ravnica will be happy to oblige in the dual-color department though!

      • Jun 19 2012

        Ah! Silly me. You’re right. It only affect green creatures. hmm…maybe Green flash fodder combined with Black Reanimation.

  3. Icehawk
    Jun 20 2012

    Still no word on the next PDS. Guess they’re ended it on a high.

    • Jun 20 2012

      Well, Graveborn was announced a year ago tomorrow, so technically we might still be early in expecting anything yet. Fingers crossed!

      • Icehawk
        Jun 20 2012

        Really? Cool! For some reason I thought we heard about them in May. Go figure.

  4. Jun 21 2012

    Shame they’ve gone back to the misleading “fake monocolor” packaging of M10.

    It’s also not out of the question that the Goblin deck could be BR and the Yeva deck could be mono-green.

  5. elias
    Jun 29 2012

    I know it’s a tad off topic but I wanted to get the word out on a duels 2013 development. I purchased the ps3 copy last week & of course I promptly made my way to our local shop to redeem the code for the promo booster pack. Well, in the week since then I completed the 1st prs. Campaign. I cannot say for certain what caused this but I have received 5 more promo codes! I wrote down each one & every time I closed the game and restarted it, a new code awaited me upon opening the extras file!?! After the last new code it displyed the original again. Soooo, just letting you know that you should check the xtras page often! Especially after you get the congratulations for beating Jace. I suspect wizards is having a little fun throwing us mana dogs a bone! Good luck!

  6. Chad
    Jul 5 2012

    I don’t know about the decks themselves but a pair of “Krenko, Mob Boss” would be a great addtion to my Goblin Deck 😉


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