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May 8, 2012


2005-07 Precon Championships: We Have a Winner

by Dredd77

And so another Preconstructed Championship comes to an end, another deck added to the hall of heroes. It was a hard and bitterly contested contest over the course of nine weeks, and Endless March has much to be proud of. So to do the members of our Prediction League. As much fun as it was to stage this epic competition, it was made all the more so by the participation of our readership. The predictions, the explanations, and the banter back and forth made it a delight and success once again, and we are already looking forward to the next installment this Autumn.

That said, as much as we’d love to reward everyone who took part, there can be but one winner of the Grand Prize. Congratulations are due to Gobias for turning in an impressive performance, racking up 20 correct guesses in 30 games, equaling last season’s winner Icehawk. As a result, Gobias will select from one of our three prize packages:

  • Prize Package A: All three Dissension theme decks (Azorius Ascendant, Rakdos Bloodsport, andSimic Mutology), brand new in sealed boxes AND a draft set (3) of Avacyn Restored boosters.
  • Prize Package B: All five Ninth Edition theme decks (Army of Justice, Custom Creatures, Dead Again, Lofty Hights, and World Aflame), brand new in sealed boxes AND a draft set (3) of Avacyn Restored boosters.
  • Prize Package C: Two Intro Packs from Avacyn Restored AND a draft set (3) of Avacyn Restored boosters.

We leave on this last note, a look at the final standings table.

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  1. errtu
    May 8 2012

    Congrats gobias! And very nice prizes too!

  2. Tony
    May 9 2012


  3. Yawgmoth
    May 9 2012

    A great set of matches. Congrats, Gobias!
    I’m already psyched for the Autumn season.

  4. Icehawk
    May 9 2012


  5. Jacopo Sassi
    May 9 2012

    Congrats, Gobias! 🙂

  6. Lia
    May 9 2012

    Well done, gobias. Congrats!

  7. stric9
    May 9 2012

    Great job Gobias! I was hoping t tie it up with you at the end but I didn’t expext Endless March to crush the opposition so handily. Those were awesome matches. Excellent predictions my friend!

    • gobias
      May 12 2012

      I expected to go anywhere from 0-3 to at best, 2-1. You did pretty good yourself =)

  8. Varo
    May 9 2012

    Congratulations Gobias, well done!

  9. May 9 2012

    Good picks, Gobias! And thanks to Jay and crew for some awesome matches and great entertainment over the past weeks!

    • Icehawk
      May 11 2012

      How did I forget to say that? Thanks! These are always a blast. Looking forard to the next one.

      I’d have gotten away with another win too if it wasn’t for those pesky peices of cardboard. 😛

  10. tenthtechpriest
    May 10 2012

    bleh, even if I didn’t bomb the finals I would’ve come up one short. Congrats to Gobias.

  11. gobias
    May 12 2012

    Thanks, everybody =). I had a lot of fun playing along (though despite the 3-0 for the last round, I still don’t like picking the semi-final and final games at the same time), and I can’t wait for the next tournament.
    A huge thank you to Jay and all involved with the site, for the tournament and everything else.


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