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May 8, 2012


News: Avacyn Restored Event Deck Decklists & Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari

by Dredd77

It’s been quite a week for precon fans! Thanks to Magic Arcana on the mothership, we’ve had the next Duel Decks release revealed. Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari will be released on 07 September, 2012!

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also been treated to the decklists for the upcoming Avacyn Restored Event Decks, which hit the shelves later this month on the 25th.

A lot to look forward to!

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  1. May 8 2012

    Think it’s fair to guess that Niv-Mizzet and Jarad will be the headlining mythics?

    • Jay Chong
      May 8 2012

      Only if Jarad is a preview card for the Return set this fall

    • Jul 13 2012

      Called it

  2. errtu
    May 9 2012

    Looking forward to this one. But Wizards decided to release the ‘faction’ duel decks later in the year, and the ‘planeswalker’ decks in the beginning of the year. So I don’t think they’ll suddenly make Niv a walker all of a sudden. Good too, because I kind of like an alternate art mythic foil Niv-Mizzet … for only €20, and then some more cards 😉

  3. Icehawk
    May 9 2012

    It’s going to be real interesting if they make the second mythic a new card. I just can’t see them putting Niv in without the other boss, Jarad.

    No matter what, it’ll be fun!

    • Yeah, it’ll probably happen. They’ve previewed future cards before, not that high of a rarity, but I pick up that they’ll take that leap here to generate hype. I mean, the conflict hasn’t happened yet, which means we don’t understand who he’s fighting, but that it’s not one of the already dead leaders of the Golgari.

      Not to mention, it seems a little fishy they didn’t release both new arts in the announcement.

      • Icehawk
        May 11 2012

        Good point! Didn’t even notice we only got 1/2 the art. Did we get both for past releases? I know we do for the walker ones.

        • The only one we didn’t was KVD, where we only got Bogardan Hellkite. I don’t know why, maybe they wanted to keep Knight of the Reliquary a surprise? Take this as you will.

  4. tenthtechpriest
    May 10 2012

    Izzet vs Golgari? ALL MY WANT.

    That said I’m not sure what the headliner for the golgari side will be as the legends they had in Ravnica block are (re)dead. Perhaps if Jarad were slipped in…? The release date is a clear month ahead of Return’s street date though. And the preview art in the article… that’s not niv-mizzet, right? Because it looks similar but the neck is way too short for it to be him, and niv went out of his way to make sure he was the only dragon left on Ravnica.

    As for the event decks, I’m not sure how I feel about the W/U one, but I’m probably not getting the zombie tribal one. The cards in it are nice, especially the rare selection, but frankly I could build the whole deck sans Gloom Surgeon and a few Triumph of Crueltys using cards I have lying around plus what I got in my fat pack.

    • Icehawk
      May 10 2012

      I’m preaty sure it’s Niv. I think it’s a mixture of the posture difference and Niv had some dragon plastic surgery done. We’re talking a minimum some sort of dragon facial.

      • … Yeah, I wouldn’t speculate too freely concerning multiple interpretations of a legend. I also didn’t have any doubt in my mind that the two arts of Glissa, the Traitor have any plot connection.


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