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December 30, 2011


New Year’s Eve: Pack to Fortune 2011

by Dredd77

Some of you may recall last year we staged an event called “Pack to Fortune.” A fun and whimsical fortune-telling device centered around reader participation and an unopened booster pack of cards, we looked to divine what we had in store for the coming year based upon what you opened. It was a lot of fun and we had some great responses.

For those inclined to dabble in some divination this year to see what the next holds in store for them, we’re pleased to let you know that a reader, Dominik of Completely Casual, has organised a new “Pack to Fortune” with some very unique twists! The Ertai’s Lament family will certainly be participating, and we’d love to see you over there as well.

So grab a booster pack and head on over, and let Dominik know we said hi! And of course, we wish a happy and prosperous New Year to each and every one of you and your families. With the rest of Innistrad block, Magic 2013, Planechase II, Duel Decks: Venser vs Koth, as well as a new big set and another Duel Decks, it’s a year to be excited for!*

*unless that whole Mayan thing pans out, in which case enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. web8970
    Jan 1 2012

    I considered it to be suitable to welcome the New Year with an All-Foil-Premium-Alara-Booster which I managed to acquire.

    Here’s what I was dealt:

    I am advised to get myself an overview of my personal kingdom (Esper Panorama). However, sacrifices may need to be made (Skeletal Kathari) in order to enable prosperity (Lush Growth). Keeping the balance of a firm earthbound stand (Court Archers) and some more spontaneity (Rip-Clan Crasher) may help to avoid being the last one in the food chain (Wretched Banquet). The importance of keeping both feet on the ground (Ember Weaver) and the ability to draw power from this stance (Toxic Iguanar) cannot be stressed enough. However, sticking to a certain amount of creativity (Magefire Wings) does not harm, but before learning to fly, I need to focus on the concrete things in life (Sigiled Behemoth).

    A key question seems to be the way the required progress is to be made: On the cost of others (Elder Mastery) or on the cost of my own self (Demonspine Whip)? Am I to be selfish or selfless? Which is the price I am willing to pay? Every step needs to be considered carefully. When it’s the result that counts, how about values such as good or evil? Consideration, execution, no hesitation, that’s how life works (Esper Battlemage).

    Which road I ever decide to take, it is this very decision I will have to live with. There will be no margin for re-enacting the decision, there will be no time for re-consideration. Sometimes not looking back will preserve the energy in order to deal with what lies ahead (Memory Erosion).

    So much for beginner’s divination, the new year may turn out to be a tar pit as well as a fountain of luck. Personal commitment as well as the right amount of trust and confidence, respect for others, sincerity are the right companions for the road that lies ahead.

    To you all a merriful, prospering new year, may you be dealt as much as you can handle.

  2. Jan 5 2012

    Today I posted the results of my fortune telling:

    Thanks for sharing my post on your blog.


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