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December 31, 2010


New Year’s Eve: Pack to Fortune!

by Dredd77

Happy New Year, everyone! For all those wanting to participate in this evening’s Pack to Fortune, here’s the place to do it. Let us know what booster you picked up and what cards- or, for the truly creative, use the fortune-telling system in the original thread to weave a tale of how you see your 2011 shaping up! The contest will be open this weekend, and close Sunday evening.

From all of us here at Ertai’s Lament, we wish you a wonderful (and safe) New Year’s Eve!

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  1. ninja
    Dec 31 2010


    Alrighty, here’s my pack to fortune for the New Year!
    Seeing as how I still don’t own one, I figured a Jace 2.0 Lottery Ticket would be the best choice for this event. Although I didn`t get a Jace, my fortune for the New Year is looking pretty good!

    Here’s the pack:

    Jagwasp Swarm
    Crusher Zendikon
    Sejiri Steppe
    Graypelt Hunter
    Wind Zendikon
    Nature’s Claim
    Kitesail Apprentice
    Brink of Disaster
    Claws of Valakut
    Deathforge Shaman
    Razor Boomerang
    Ruin Ghost
    Bazaar Trader
    Token – Artifact Creature – Construct – 6/12 Trample
    Forest – By Vincent Proce

    Jagwasp Swarm – I start the year off right with a black flying creature. So although black can mean big events both good and bad, flying is a good omen that I’ll be able to overcome it. I hope that instead of losing the job I currently have, this is an omen that I will get a new job because I have been applying to places quite a bit recently.

    Crusher Zendikon – I like to think that since this is a land enchantment, it’s effects on the year will be shortlived. All I have to do is look at this enchantment from a different perspective to see its mana producing power or kill it and the mana energy source will bounce right back into my hands.

    Sejiri Steppe – This is a good omen because it means that not only will I find either serenity or justice at some point this year, that point in time where it does come will be completely free of the influences from one other color. The question is which color?

    Graypelt Hunter – If green symbolises growth and development, then it’s too bad it came with this guy. This creature is one of the many red-headed-step-children of the Allies tribe. Overcosted and underwhelming. Whatever growth or development this guy brings will be overcosted and underwhelming. Wait! I’m graduating from University in 2011, so this guy symbolizes that event perfectly!

    Wind Zendikon – Another land enchantment, but this time blue represents contemplation and thought. I almost feel like this enchantment is going to cause me to overthink things at a certain point this year because like the previous enchantment, its effects won’t last long.

    Nature’s Claim – A “Destroy target…” spell that symbolizes growth and development? I guess this can be the event in the year that helps destroy the Crusher Zendikon event, and by destroying the Zendikon, it will lead to a period of growth and development.

    Kitesail Apprentice – I think the meaning behind this card is found in the flavour text: “Carving lines through the sky, kite sailors map trails for the pilgrims below to follow.” I interpret that to mean I will have a just, or a serene event happen this year and that I will have people following my example.

    Twitch – I like this one. Contemplation and thought are represented by the blue, but I am in control. I will have the opportunity this to year to have a major influence on one event which will then draw the next event.

    Brink of Disaster – If black is the color of change and transition, then this is going to be a tough one. I take this card to mean that there is going to be a point this year where a major change or transition will be on the brink of taking place, but if I play around it, I can avoid letting go of whatever change this enchantment is trying to make.

    Claws of Valakut – Red represents upheaval and disorder, and this enchantment has those qualities in spades. An opposing force that I face this year will have a huge power boost and will strike first. Now I’m kind of hoping that the Nature’s Claim takes this enchantment out instead of the zendikon.

    Deathforge Shaman – I have a bad feeling about this. Whatever this is, I hope it doesn’t deliver a multi-kick to the teeth. There is going to be some serious upheaval at some point this year.

    Razor Boomerang – Yikes! That’s what I said when I first saw this card. 5 mana for a single point of damage? Someone is going to go very far out of their way just be an annoying little prick at some point this year.

    Ruin Ghost – This is awesome. When that Sejiri Steppe comes into play, I can start flickering it with this guy all year. Now that’s a feeling of serenity!

    Bazaar Trader – I don’t know how I feel about this one. Either it means I’m going to be a salesman for the majority of the year or it means there will be a lot of personal property exchanging hands around me all year. Or better yet, maybe I’ll be super-charitable and be giving all my stuff away this year.

    Token – Artifact Creature – Construct – 6/12 Trample – This one is interesting because it means that there was a major upheaval, but all I get is the results. So perhaps I’m going to be walking into a very profitable situation at some point this year. Whatever it is, it won’t last long because the token gets exiled at the beginning of the next end step.

    Forest – By Vincent Proce – Overall, the year should have the continuing theme of growth and development which is a good omen. Not to mention it looks so good in a full art frame.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  2. Dec 31 2010

    Great post, Ninja!

    Here’s what we ended up with. We went with a pack of Scars, since it’s the latest and we thought it a good way to ring in the year.

    2011 does not look to be -too- tumultuous a year for us, which after the upheaval of 2010 is quite welcome! There’s going to be some changes, but they don’t look to be major ones (Tainted Strike, Bleak Coven Vampires, Moriok Reaver).

    It will also be a good year for serenity and spirituality (Ghalma’s Warden, Origin Spellbomb) with one strong event in this area happening for us (Razor Hippogriff, an Uncommon). I’m guessing that must be our planned vacation to Cape Cod this Summer!

    A bit of thought and contemplation (Turn Aside, Plated Seastrider) might help us mitigate a little bit of upheaval we’re going to experience (Galvanic Blast), which is probably indicative of when Liam starts teething in a few months and tests our patience as parents.

    We’ll do fine, though, and even become better parents through the experience, as indicated by the Green Uncommon in the pack (Bellowing Tanglewurm).

    Still, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the year ahead, as evidenced by the large number of colourless cards. It stretches the gamut, from the mundane (Golem Foundry, Perilous Myr) to the significant (Palladium Myr) to a mysterious major event that involves all five of us (Myr Battlesphere)!

    Not for nothing the final cards represent Jimi and Sam, with a Goblin token and Forest respectively. Jimi adores Goblins in almost every set, and Sam is a classic Timmy who loves mono-Green beats.

    What could it mean? I suppose we’ll just have to see! So here’s to a great 2011! Happy New Year, everyone!

    • web8970
      Dec 31 2010

      A Myr Battlesphere … keep rolling, together you are strong!

  3. web8970
    Dec 31 2010

    I figured, best to welcome 2011 would be the set that already has the number in it’s name: M11, which – as a core set – will guarantee to feature a colorful mix of foreshadowing.

    Here we go:

    After making a clean sweep (Manic Vandal) the dust of change will settle and offer something stable to rely on (Spined Wurm). However the potential for growth to pursue my goals with any means necessary (Nightwing Shade) is not to be underestimated, especially since some contemplation will light the path ahead (Foresee). Armed with trust and confidence the journey will prove easier (Safe Passage) and obstacles will not stay unremovable (Aether Adept). Growth will be achieved when the time is right (Sylvan Ranger) but it may be achieved only at the cost of some hurt (Stabbing Pain). However, taking time for recreation will be much appreciated (Ajani’s Mantra) and with the strength gained even little effort can be helpful (Hornet Sting).

    The advice to rely on instinct, spontaneity is not to be ignored – setting the heart ablaze with passion on a constant basis will help to solve quite some issue (Prodigal Pyromancer). And for one special event all the strength that can be mustered will be needed as support for one devastating blow, some great achievement ahead (Fireball). Opposed to that, staying on the rational side is not to be neglected as the search for insight will be rewarded permanently (Kraken’s Eye).

    But there is a pair of wings granted that prove guidance through the times ahead. Wings that seem insignificant at first glance but once gratefully accepted, can be the foundation for growth and will supply any resource required for any venture ahead (Birds of Paradise – yippiie!)

    May your packs be filled with joy, may your year be a hilarious one!

  4. Daniel
    Dec 31 2010

    All right, here goes.

    I opened a pack of Planar Chaos.

    As a reminder, Planar Chaos boosters are a little different to normal boosters. They contain contain 8 commons, 2 uncommons, 1 rare, 3 timeshifted commons, and 1 uncommon or rare timeshifted card. So let me crack it open and have a look.


    Utopia Vow (This seems a mixed opening. Green stands for growth, and this card suggests peace and serenity; but also perhaps too much passivity. There will be time for healing, but is it warning me to stay on my guard?)

    Cradle to Grave (This seems to signify or warn against a sudden crash. Disaster can come from anywhere, at any point. Combined with Utopia Vow, I’m definitely getting the feeling that the new year will call for alertness.)

    Erratic Mutation (Continuing the chaotic theme very well. Blue is introspective, but this card bespeaks confusion. I am undertaking a rather exciting new stage in my studies next year; perhaps inspiration will strike out of the blue, or I may lose track of myself in the work.)

    Dawn Charm (As if to guard against the threats and chaos of the last few cards, here we have a card devoted entirely to defending the planeswalker from attack. I suspect I will be in great need of it.)

    Aquamorph Entity (A very binary card. Thinking of Erratic Mutation again, I might interpret this to signify academic or other decisions, with two stark alternatives.)

    Citanul Woodreaders (Very interesting in the context of study. They suggest that the greatest insights will not come from sitting down and studying, but from quiet reflection, and letting my mind naturally shift in whatever direction it will. In short, I should go with my gut. A much more positive card than the last few, I think.)

    Wistful Thinking (…well, that’s appropriate for the New Year! If Citanul Woodreaders encouraged me to let my mind wander and reflect, I daresay Wistful Thinking is warning against getting too caught up in ‘Blue’ ways of thought. The two cards combined seem to have a fairly strong message.)

    Timeshifted commons:

    Primal Plasma (Continuing the chaotic theme of Aquamorph Entity; here, again, we have stark choices. Any could be correct. It will require thought.)

    Brute Force (Hm. The first Red card I’ve drawn. Red stands for upheaval and disorder, but not necessarily in a negative way. Brute Force seems to suggest upheaval that will ultimately make the person stronger. Is this positive or negative?)

    Melancholy (Not a wonderfully positive card either. Combined with Wistful Thinking from before, this pack seems to offer a strong warning against being caught up in the past, or brooding on last year’s events. I need to make a fresh start!)


    Waning Wurm (And continuing the theme, we have another very impatient card. It’s Black, so speaking of large changes, but also Vanishing 2, so perhaps those changes won’t have as much of a long-term influence as I might suspect. They might be big and scary – and 7/6 – but they’ll pass.)

    Sulfur Elemental (A rather ambiguous card. Tying in with Brute Force, it’s the sort of upheaval that might make one stronger, but this one also carries an inherent risk, to smaller creatures. And it could occur suddenly, at any point: Flash and Split Second are rather clear. The only defence is to simply be strong enough to take the toughness penalty. Ominous.)

    Ana Battlemage (Another interesting one. Growth and development, but from the unexpected sources of Green’s enemy colours. It seems to suggest that I should stay alert and look out for the possibilities even in adversity.)

    Uncommon or rare timeshifted card:

    Gaea’s Anthem (I got pretty lucky here! This will make two rares in the pack for me! Gaea’s Anthem, at last, seems like an unambiguously good reading. It’s also quite generic in its effect. The year as a whole will be one of growth. It provides the strength to face threats like Sulfur Elemental, and a constant supporting refrain. I get a sense of ‘no matter how threatening, you’ll always have support’ from this card, so perhaps it speaks of my family and friends. A very good omen indeed.)


    Magus of the Tabernacle (…I do not know what to make of this card. It does not appear to play very well with the other cards. As a White card, it indicates peace, serenity, and spirituality. Perhaps the mana tax it imposes suggests impositions on my time; or rather, that the time I spend working needs to be moderated by time spent more peacefully. It suggests a need for spiritual balance.)

    Conclusions: My booster pack seems to tell me several things. The year will contain its share of challenges and choices, and I need to face them head-on, without brooding too much on the past. I should stay alert, and be keen to new opportunities. Still, I’ll have the support to get through, and if I can keep the different parts of my life in balance, I’ll come through wiser and successful.

    So in other words, it’s just as vague as any other fortune-telling I’ve ever done!

    Happy New Year to everyone out there!

  5. IUPUI_Guy
    Jan 1 2011

    I bought two packs for this, one for me and one for my neighbor, and I let him randomly pick which pack he wanted. He got a pack of M11 to open and I got a pack of Eldrazi. Here’s my Pack to Fortune…

    Grotag Siege-Runner – It looks like I will need to make sacrifices to maintain my running for 2011. I just took up running a little over a year ago, but it to keep it up for this coming year will require work and commitment.

    Distortion Strike – If I put my mind to it (whatever “it” is) I will be unstoppable. But I will need to make sure I do think things through during the next year, so I can get the full affect and double the success.

    Dawnglare Invoker – My spiritual life is going to “fly” during the next year, and if I put more into my spiritual life I can also make things easier around me by take out spiritual road-blocks that would trip up everyone else.

    Fissure Vent – I will have to face a tough decision in the coming year. I will have to come between losing situations, but it should only be a bump in the road.

    Merfolk Observer – If I’m observant, I will be able to take advantage of seeing what other events (big or small) might be happening in the near future.

    Perish the Thought – There could be a change coming up where my decision will affect someone else’s future events. I am always worried about affecting others around me in a negative way, so hopefully this will be positive change.

    Fleeting Distraction – If I am careful I will be able to lessen the impact of problems that will be happening during the year.

    Raid Bombardment – I need to be careful what I say to other around me, because little hurtful things (at least from my perspective) will cause extra pain.

    Shrivel – There will be a change that will reduce the impact of others on me, both negatively and postively. But it will only be a temporary change.

    Demystify – I will be able to destory a negative spiritual influence during the coming year. That will help my spiritual “fly” (for the Dawnglare Invoker).

    Mammoth Umbra – The Bible talks about the “Armor of God”, so a totem armor seems like it will be some spiritual protection from a significant attack. I will need to take advantage of the vigilance I gain from the extra protection.

    Arrogant Bloodlord – I need to avoid a change in personality that would lead to arrogance, because it will allow someone small and humble to destroy me. If I want to be able to have the spiritual growth that my white cards are leaing to, I need to make sure I stay humble during life changes to prevent such a great fall.

    Luminous Wake – When I take a stand on my spiritual beliefs, it will add to my quality of life. This will help my family stay strong as my 3 little children continue to grow this year.

    Echo Mage – 2011 will be a year of learning for me. As I learn more and more, I will have the ability to to more to affect those around me, both on quick decisions and thorough planning.

    Other Cards:
    Forest – It is kind of funny that in a pack void of any green cards, my land card represents growth, because all of the cards in the pack point to some level of growth, whether it is through my spiritual life or my mental and psychological learning to be able to positively affect others around me. There will be some pit-falls that I will need to avoid, but overall, this year could be a good year for me and those around me.

    Rules Tips: “Levelers”: Another card that points toward growth, but not a steady growth, but in stages. I will need to plan these stages of growth to make sure I don’t over work myself and burn out before I can reach my full potetial.

    Ertai (Jay), thanks for running this contest (and this website), this game was fun and a good excuse to buy a booster pack to ring in the new year!

    • web8970
      Jan 1 2011

      Just out of curiosity – what did your neighbour pull out of his M11 pack?

      • IUPUI_Guy
        Jan 1 2011

        He’s supposed to post his Pack to Fortune on here sometime today… he did get a Mythic, Gaea’s Revenge.

  6. Stric9 (aka Steve)
    Jan 1 2011

    As I mentioned on the State of the Site Address, I went to the local chain retail market to buy a booster pack and found that there was not a single booster pack. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were selling vintage pre-cons! I purchased a Morningtide deck titled “Battalion.” I only began playing again recently after a 10+ year hiatus so the excitement of opening is quite the same. I know this isn’t quite conventional and may eliminate me from the contest, but it seemed quite apropos. Beyond that, the cards in the deck truly seemed to represent the life of myself and my family. Here goes:

    Weight of Conscience- This one is clear as day. I will be guided by my beliefs strongly.
    Kithkin Zephyrnaut- With diligent study and determination, I may fly higher than I thought possible.
    Fencer Clique- I may be forced into starting over on tasks, whether I want to or not and whether I like it or not.
    Disperse- A new beginning.
    Sentinels of Glen Elendra- An unknown presence will suddenly make itself known.
    Mothdust Changeling- My priorities will change and those things I thought important will now be meaningless. I will find importance in new things, never before thought of.
    Mosquito Guard- I will move through the year quickly and sure, but I will need to rely on the strength of family and friends along the way.
    Inkfathom Divers- Only by taking a risk and taking a plunge, will I truly begin to life.
    Burrenton Shield-Bearers- In focusing on life, I may protect my family.
    Kinsbaile Skirmisher- With additional effort, I may encourage those around me.
    Wanderer’s Twig- I will relocate with my family. (Already know this to be true!)
    Cenn’s Tactician- I will support and be supported by others.
    U- Ego Erasure- I will be greatly humbled.
    U- Redeem the Lost- In the face of great conflict, I will be shielded though. It will not be easy and I will not be unscathed, but my burden will be lessened.
    Reveillark- Despite the tragic presence of death in my life (sadly, already true), surprisingly much good will come of it. In fact, more positive will come of it than anything.

  7. troacctid
    Jan 2 2011

    I didn’t have any booster packs, so I used a booster pack generator. Close enough. It’s 2011, so I went with an M11 pack.

    Rare: Triskelion
    Uncommons: Combust, Elite Vanguard, Shiv’s Embrace
    Commons: Solemn Offering, Pacifism, Safe Passage, AEther Adept, Berserkers of Blood Ridge, Assault Griffin, Harbor Serpent, Scroll Thief, Stormfront Pegasus, Jace’s Erasure
    Basic land: Swamp

    There are some good cards.

    My eye is quickly drawn to Shiv’s Embrace, symbolizing the desire to embrace my inner fire; however, I have a strong preference against red in M11 draft, so it’s likely I’ll reject that impulse.

    The red card is juxtaposed against Pacifism, which I’mma say symbolizes peace (a very literal metaphor here). I like peace, and Pacifism is one of my top picks in this pack; its main competition is Triskelion, which is a decent bomb. However, Triskelion is sharper and more dangerous than Pacifism–a walking war machine. Do I take the path of peace, or do I act more aggressively to achieve my goals? Hmm.

    Stormfront Pegasus, Assault Griffin, and Elite Vanguard are powerful aggressive white cards that reveal the dual nature of the Pacifism pick: just as the “peaceful” pick will likely lead to a more aggressive pick when the pack comes back around and one of these creatures wheels, so the path of least resistance may lead to more difficulty later on when the resistance inevitably arrives.

    However, I can’t give in to aggression completely, or I might end up having to pick Berserkers of Blood Ridge, which is a card that I don’t like having to play.

    Interestingly, the pack also offers Safe Passage and Solemn Offering in white. Both are acceptable late picks without being violent, but if I had the choice, I would snap-pick one of the aggressive creatures over them. Perhaps this means my preference for peace weakens as war becomes more effective.

    Perhaps the Harbor Serpent represents what will happen if I seclude myself in a safe harbor–a giant snake will eat me. Even if it’s a metaphorical snake and it’s only eating me proverbially, that would still suck.

    Scroll Thief, Jace’s Erasure, and AEther Adept are clearly a metaphor for digital pirating. Scroll Thief is downloading, AEther Adept is uploading, and Jace’s Erasure is a computer virus. Uh-oh, I don’t want a computer virus. Maybe I should avoid digital piracy this year, especially if the Combust is depicting what happens to the computer afterwards. I definitely don’t want my computer to explode. Does that happen?

    Ultimately, I am torn between Triskelion and Pacifism in this pack. Pacifism is a stronger removal spell, but Triskelion is more flexible, and I’m not sure which is the correct pick. Make of this what you will.

    • troacctid
      Jan 2 2011

      Oh, just noticed, there are no black cards in this pack! The future looks bright!


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