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October 27, 2011


Welcome to the New Ertai’s Lament

by Dredd77

By now you might have noticed that we’ve gotten a bit of a facelift! Upgrading our appearance and functionality have been an ongoing project for us, and we hope you enjoy the new easier-to-read layout. We’ll continue to improve the site, with the eventual goal of getting self-hosted so we can have pop-up card links like all the fancy sites. But in the meantime, have a look around and let us know what you think. We’ll still continue to bring you the same content as before… and tomorrow we lead off with a review of the Innistrad Event Decks!

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  1. errtu
    Oct 28 2011

    Hi Jay,

    Looks very slick 🙂 Although i kind of miss the Ertai logo. I know, it was lo-res, but still .. The articles are much easier to find this way though.

    Cool to see so many people visit EL nowadays. Keep it up 🙂

    • Oct 28 2011

      Thanks! I’ve sort of had to adapt on the fly… when I bought the theme, it immediately installed it, and a lot of things changed in very unexpected ways. I too am attached to the old logo, so it’s very possible it will be making a comeback. I’m only just beginning to look under the hood of this thing…

  2. Diennea
    Oct 28 2011

    I like the menu on the top very much. Now it’s easier to find what you’re searching for. Good job with the restyling!

  3. Anglista
    Oct 28 2011

    Wonderful! It is so easy now to find a review I was looking for. By the way, I think that it is my first comment here, so let me just say that I enjoy your writing a lot! I played Magic ages ago, in school – from Tempest to Odyssey – but I have only recently come back, lured in by the artwork of the Zendikar block, I guess. The point is, few of my friends still have their old decks, so precons are a wonderful solution for us – and your website is a great place to get acquainted with the new ones and decide which ones look fun enough to hunt down. I am preparing my brand-new Mirromancy and Life for Death for the evening even as I write! You definitely managed to revive my interest in my old hobby.

    Best wishes from Poland, btw!

    • Oct 30 2011

      Thanks!! I found Poland one of the most splendid places I’ve ever visited, and took very fond memories of my week there. Glad to see Poles amongst our readership! Funny, I left Magic before Masques, and came back for Zendikar as well.

  4. Prophylaxis
    Oct 29 2011

    Wow, just come off for a week and look at the website…
    Excellent job, Jay. I applaud you.

    • Oct 30 2011

      Thanks! It’s nice to accomplish one of our two big goals for the site’s usability. Next up is actual card links, though there’s a lot more that goes into that than one might think.

  5. Oct 30 2011

    I like the new site, but the Archive Trap page looks kind of ugly now, because all the set logos have white background. Is there any way to fix that?

    • Oct 30 2011

      I definitely agree with you, we noticed that as well. Alas, one of the ‘unintended consequences’ of the update was the changing of the background colour, so what once blended in now stands out. That said, it’s our hope that Archive Trap becomes less and less important as it becomes easier to navigate using the site menus. It’s obviously early, but the large spike in page view statistics over the last two days seem very encouraging, and tell us people tend to use more of what’s easier to use. That’s not to say we will close down Archive Trap, because I know many folks may prefer it, but for right now it may have to be a little ugly for a bit until we figure things out. Glad you like the look, though!

  6. Icehawk
    Nov 1 2011

    Love it! Only suggestion I have would be a side bar like you have for yoru recent posts, but for recent comments.

    • Nov 2 2011

      Hey mate- I added it. Default setting is the five msot recent comments, hope that works!

  7. Nov 2 2011

    Great update! New navigation at the top is stellar, way easier to get around. The only thing I miss is being able to hop right to the comments, and seeing the number of comments on an article before I jump to it (if I notice there are more comments than the last time I read it, I’ll hop in to see who else has commented).

    Those icons on the Archive Trap could be made with a transparent background, then they’d match whatever background they’re set on top of… Contact me via email if you want help with that! 🙂


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