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September 3, 2011


2010-11 Precon Championships: Tinsman Division (Part 2 of 2)

by Dredd77


Welcome back to the exciting conclusion of the Tinsman Division! Last week eight contenders battled it out in the arena for the honour of representing this storied division, and four of them saw their dreams dashed in a first-round exit. Now the remaining four are back for the final three games to determine which one deck will contend with the Knights Duel Deck for domination of the Rosewater Conference, and a shot at the championship! With the 2009-10 Precon Champion having come from the Tinsman (Eldrazi Arisen), the pressure to perform is on. Which will be the last deck standing?

Today’s matches promise to be furiously contested. In the first bracket we have Doom Inevitable, the proliferation/living weapon deck from Mirrodin Besieged. To advance it’s going to need to get through Metalcraft in a battle which fittingly pits the Mirrans against the Phyrexians. In the day’s other bracket we have Feast of Flesh, a removal-heavy New Phyrexia construction taking on the last remaining Core Set deck in the Rosewater Conference, Breath of Fire.

As all four are Intro Pack decks, so one could fairly say that regardless the winner the hardest challenge lies ahead when it takes on Knights. But today, we’ll only be deciding the winner of the Tinsman Division, and what better time than the present?

Doom Inevitable (MBS) vs Metalcraft (SOM)

Game One

Metalcraft has little trouble living up to its name, populating the board with early artifacts- Memnite, Echo Circlet, Iron Myr, and Darksteel Axe– along with a Riddlesmith to take even fuller advantage. Doom Inevitable, however, gets its stalling tools on-line with a Myr Sire, pair of Oculi, and a Fume Spitter. The tipping point comes with a Vedalken Anatomist, and it’s downhill for Metalcraft from there.

A rally with an Argent Sphinx puts Metalcraft in a bind- as the Sphinx gets loaded up with -1/-1 counters thanks to a Contagion Clasp, Trigon of Corruption, and Fume Spitter, it looks to shake off the last lethal counter by blinking. This has the desired effect, but leaves it vulnerable to a Mind Control by Doom, and Metalcraft dies to its own Sphinx.

Game Two

Can lightning strike twice? Metalcraft leads with a Memnite, Iron Myr, and Etched Champion followed by a Snapsail Glider. Doom seeds some -1/-1 counters courtesy of a pair of Contagion Clasps, one each for both the Glider and Champion. When Metalcraft plays the Argent Sphinx- this time with two Islands open- it can be excused for feeling safe. But a last-ditch Steady Progress turns off metalcraft, and the Sphinx winds up getting Mind Controlled again. A Vedalken Anatomist keeps a Rusted Relic at bay after some mana Myr turn metalcraft back on, but a Skinwing germ token  equipped with a Bonehoard teams up with the Sphinx to seal the win for Doom, as with its foe down to three life Doom plays a Pierce Strider for the win.

WINNER: Doom Inevitable

Feast of Flesh (NPH) vs Breath of Fire (M11)

Game One

A small struggle for Breath at the outset sees it mull down to 6. Adding to its misfortune is that Feast hits its Chancellor of the Dross in its opener, so the game begins with a 6-point gulf. Then on the first turn Feast hits it with Despise, picking off its only creature- a Prodigal Pyromancer. Still, thanks to Preordain, Breath recovers with a Goblin Piker, Augury Owl, and Ember Hauler.

Feast takes some damage, but after playing a Shrine of Burning Rage it 3-for-1’s with a board-wiping Whipflare. A Lava Axe takes Feast down into the middle single digits, but Entomber Exarch plucks away a Chandra’s Outrage. Once the Chancellor arrives, Breath folds beneath it and a popped Shrine.

Game Two

It’s Breath’s turn to come out swinging, and it leads with a Goblin Tunneler followed by an Ember Hauler. Feast sneaks in with a Furnace Scamp and pops it immediately. Breath plays a Chandra’s Spitfire and Feast Whipflares, leaving only the Spitfire behind. Breath’s Goblin Piker is immediately killed by Feast’s Blisterstick Shaman. A Despise pitches a Fire Servant, but it also reveals Feast’s doom- twin Lava Axes firmly in Breath’s hand. Feast has no answer, and falls beneath the second of them.

Game Three

A fast and furious affair, Feast leads with a pair of Phyrexian Ragers. Breath manages a Goblin Tunneler and Ember Hauler, but when it taps out to play a Lava Axe, Feast pounces with a Tormentor Exarch to kill the Hauler without fear of reprisal. A Blisterstick Shaman helps clear out the defenses, though a trio of Lightning Bolts show how explosive Breath can be. But fate breaks the other way, and Breath scoops at 4 life after a Caustic Hound touches down.

WINNER: Feast of Flesh

Doom Inevitable (MBS) vs Feast of Flesh (NPH)

This is it! Both decks have battled to this last matchup, but alas there can only be one winner. We join them now in the arena for this final push.

Game One

Feast starts with a bit of a mana drought, but still keeps it together with a Blistergrub and Prodigal Pyromancer. But it also lashes out with a turn-1 Despise to pluck Doom’s sole body- an Armored Cancrix, no less- right from its hand, and in one last bit of early good fortune it starts with the Chancellor of the Dross revealed.

Doom leads with a Flayer Husk which it soon Vivisects. A Phyrexian Rager and Trigon of Corruption follow, and the Trigon erodes the Blistergrub. A Disentomb gets it back, and a Scoria Elemental quickly joins it. Doom kills the Elemental immediately with a Skinrender and adds a Caustic Hound. A Geth’s Verdict sees the Hound off, with both losing 4 life in the process. Feast gets dangerously low in life, and when Doom lands the Psychosis Crawler and then Vivisects the Skinrender, Feast dies to life loss from the Crawler.

Game Two

Right down to the wire! Doom leads with a Flayer Husk again and follows up with the Phyrexian Rager. Meanwhile, Feast is out to early advantage with a Blistergrub, and it follows with a Blisterstick Shaman to kill the Flayer Husk’s Germ token. Feast then uses a Tormentor Exarch to pick off a freshly-minted Skinwing Germ. The Rager gets equipped with the Husk and holds off some of Feast’s beaters, while it cuts the Blistergrub in half with a Contagion Clasp.

Doom gets the upper hand when it again lands the Psychosis Crawler, equips it with the Skinwing and starts carving out life from Feast. A second Tormentor Exarch touches down, but when Doom swings in with the Crawler then plays a Pierce Strider, Feast finds itself at 1 life and needing to either solve the Crawler or simply kill Doom Inevitable outright- with Doom holding steady at 8 life.

With the former solution beyond its reach, it aims for the latter and attacks with everything it has. The Rager and Strider block and kill the Exarchs, while the Shaman draws a Doom Blade. Feast Artillerizes the Blistergrub after it deals its damage, but loses with Doom at 1 life.

WINNER: Doom Inevitable

A slower deck like Doom Inevitable wasn’t a favourite to win its division, but in the arena you never know what can happen! Somehow Doom dug deep and found a way to win three times, and as a result it is your Tinsman Division champion! This sets up a challenge against Knights to see who moves on to the Final, but next we’ll be leaving the Rosewater Conference and heading to the Forsythe. Join us next week as a new field of eight takes to battle!

Your 2010-11 Tinsman Division Winner!

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  1. Werekill
    Sep 3 2011

    Wow… I didn’t get any right. 😦

    • Tony
      Sep 3 2011

      I know that feel bro, only got 1 point for the entire Tinsman division…

  2. Icehawk
    Sep 3 2011

    Holly cow. Flesh actually beat fire.

    • errtu
      Sep 3 2011

      Got all of ‘m right! I’m right behind you man 🙂

  3. fillip
    Sep 3 2011

    Well, that was certainly unexpected. And I only got 1 point, dang.
    If people just pick the opposite of what I do, they have a good chance at winning.

  4. Jon S
    Sep 3 2011

    rats, I didn’t get any right! I didn’t figure doom inevitable was that good! and I was torn between Feats and breath. Oh well, I’m looking ot come back next round!

  5. Joshua
    Sep 4 2011

    Bummed I missed the last one. But each time I guess 100%! My friends like to do tournaments like this at the table. They are super fun.

  6. Raspyn
    Sep 4 2011

    Bah, metalcraft you let me down 😦
    Interesting tourny so far!


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