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June 16, 2011


MBtB: Stoneforge Event Deck Giveaway!

by Dredd77


When I was growing up, my favourite radio station was the pop-filled Z100 out of New York City, and like any top-level radio station for a major market they had a slew of giveaways. Whenever an ecstatic winner made it through on the phones, the dj’s would always end by asking, “And what’s the phrase that pays?” To which the caller would invariably answer “Z100 means more money!” Twenty-five years later I still can remember that, so I suppose it must have made some impression.

So perhaps I can be forgiven for feeling a bit like Z100 right now with all these giveaways as of late! Between the Time Spiral theme deck, the New Phyrexia Intro Deck, the One-Year Anniversary Giveaway (ending this Saturday), the Commander deck giveaway I’m working on (expect to see it next week), and this week’s offering: the War of Attrition Event Deck from New Phyrexia!

You know, the one with the Stoneforge Mystics in it!

If you’d like a shot at winning it, and/or would like to read about the significance of the deck, head on over to this week’s Magic Beyond the Box, where I talk about the evolution of the Event Decks, and if they have ‘painted themselves into a corner’ design-wise. Come check it out!

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  1. Icehawk
    Jun 16 2011

    Wow. Contest galore.

    Really looking forward to the Commander deck reviews. Got my Political Puppets ordered.


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