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May 26, 2011


New MBtB: The Five Best Intro Decks of Scars Block

by Dredd77

With New Phyrexia having been fully reviewed here on Ertai’s Lament, it’s time to take a look at the block as a whole. Join us for this week’s Magic Beyond the Box, our weekly precon-themed feature over at Quiet Speculation, as we pick the top five Intro Decks- you might be surprised at what makes the list!

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  1. Icehawk
    May 27 2011

    Random thought:

    The commander decks are like 3 weeks away. We really haven’t heard much about them. Have I missed something?

    I don’t play commander, but I’m tempted to get one just to have one. Okay, I’m also interested in buying some singles for my other decks. I’m sure they’ll be some nice commons and uncommons in the decks.

    • Stric9
      May 27 2011

      Just saw your comment. I’m guessing that it would be hard for Ertai to test these decks out with just his wife and himself. I mean, they can add Sam in there too, but I’m guessing a game of EDH takes way longer and they’re kind of packed for time with that little one in the house. Oh, and the decks are thirty bucks each. That’s a lot of money for a family to drop compared to the usual price of decks. At least, that’s my perspective on why there may be a delay in reviewing those decks. But, yeah, I’m sure the EDH players would love to see a review.

    • May 28 2011

      Stric9 has the right of it in the sense that the playtesting is going to be a little awkward- three games aren’t enough to show the full glory of a 60-card deck, it’ll be even less illustrative of a 100-card one.

      Alternately, we could test it in a multiplayer environment, but the problem there is that those games can take forever, and I have to be careful about word count- too much, and people will quit reading.

      The good news is, we’ll be reviewing all five Commander decks on schedule (our LGS is giving us a great deal, which takes some of the sting out of it), and in the customary EL format. Our playtest will be in the two-player duel format. It’s not perfect for this product, but it’s the right balance (we hope) between being concise and being thorough.

      • Icehawk
        May 28 2011

        ONly makes sense. The 2 player duel format worked well for planechase and archenemy reviews.

        I’m just surprised we haven’t gotten more spoilers. NPH was ruined, so I figured they’ll start milking this and M12 for all its worth. XD


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