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April 7, 2011

MBtB: The Precon Deck Buyer’s Guide has Launched!

by Dredd77

Ever wished you knew more about buying precon decks, so that you wouldn’t be fleeced in the process?

Ever wish you knew the best places to buy them?

Curious about which decks are- for one reason or another- the true collector’s items, while the rest are just… there?

Want to know how to save money and find the bargains? And how much you should be paying for them?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I first got serious about collecting theme decks and other precon products, I sure wished I had a resource that covered all that ground. Instead, I had to make my way blindly, and figure out things as I went. A year or so (and 150+ precon decks) later, I’ve decided to write it. Today on Quiet Spec, I’m launching the Preconstructed Deck Buyer’s Guide, which will be an ongoing effort over the next month.

Together we’ll be looking at each era of precons, from Mirrodin Besieged all the way back to Tempest– where theme decks got their start. We’ll take special note of those that stand out in price for one reason or another, and do some market analysis on their value.

Stop on by and say hello with today’s introductory piece!

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