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April 6, 2011


First Look at New Phyrexia Intro Packs!

by Dredd77

Images of the upcoming set’s Intro Packs were released today on MTG Salvation, and here they are!

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  1. Icehawk
    Apr 6 2011

    On the mothership, they posted the boxes for the Commander decks today. Those look sweet. Really want to see those lists. Don’t know how I’ll like this 1 copy of each card thing. Glad I buy singles if I find any cards I feel I just must add to one of my decks for multiplayer.

  2. web8970
    Apr 6 2011

    Now that I’ve just gotten familiar with Mirrodin Besieged … *sigh* … those images really get my attention … and contribute to the tension towards the conclusion of the Saga.

  3. Icehawk
    Apr 6 2011

    Didn’t even notice the Boros! Darksteel Dragon? Sweet. Looking forward to this set. Curious to see the direction of the story.

  4. Stric9
    Apr 6 2011

    So, it’s funny because when Scars came out I hated it. I couldn’t stand it at all. I didn’t like the amount of colorless cards and the seeming blending of the color/mana schemes. Mirrodin Besieged came out and everything was thrown into utter chaos as Phyrexia wreaked havoc on the plane. The lines were drawn and there is well defined conflict between the Phyrexians and the Mirrans. Although they lost, “all is not lost” and New Phyrexia has me feeling actually excited at its release. So much so that I’ve pre-ordered quite a few items. A HUGE investment for me.

    • Icehawk
      Apr 13 2011

      I really want to see at least the mana colors of the event decks. Really into the black mana Praetor’s “Knowledge is Power” thing. Depending on her effects, I can see me making a BU Phyrexia deck.

  5. Chuck Dragon
    Apr 26 2011

    here you can see the set list of all the cards…


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