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April 4, 2011


Help Welcome Our Friends at Red Site Wins… and Win!

by Dredd77

For those who haven’t yet heard, a new and promising Magic website has launched today under the guiding hands of Amanda Stevens (@sagegnosis) and Luis Acosta (@AuranAlchemist). Red Site Wins already has a solid stable of writers ready to go, and a front page full of content. We’re always excited to see a new site launch, and are pleased to announce that there will be a giveaway for everyone checking them out!

Between now and 14 April, simply stop by their site, enjoy an article and post a comment. As always, we’re looking for solid comments- not the Great American Novel, perhaps, but not “cool story bro, kthxbai!” For every comment you leave, your name goes in the hat. At the end of the contest, the goodly folk of Red Site Wins will pull a name from the hat, and voila! A winner is born!

Oh, it might help if we mentioned the prize. How’s a free Mirrodin Besieged Fat Pack sound?

So stop on over and say hello and give them an encouraging welcome. After all, it takes a community to build a community.

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  1. Apr 4 2011

    I will appreciate the entry of anyone who participates. I don’t know how I or Luis can repay all the support we’ve been getting. I hope you guys enjoy

  2. Prophylaxis
    Apr 5 2011

    Put it under “Ertai’s Lament also recommends…” so that it stays archived forever?

  3. Stric9
    Apr 19 2011

    So, who won the contest?

    • Apr 21 2011

      Unsure. They’ll be announcing it shortly, that’s all I’ve heard.


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