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March 14, 2011


Contest: Help Send Jay Boosh to Toronto!

by Dredd77

Hey folks!

For those who listen to The Eh? Team podcast, Jay “JayBoosh” Tuharsky needs no introduction, and many might recall that he’s been a guest author on the Lament. Well, many in the Magic community are banding together to fundraise a trip to the TCG 10k in Toronto coming up this weekend, and for those interested in supporting this worthy cause, there are some great raffle prizes.

* Foil Blightsteel Colossus courtesy of Ertai’s Lament

* A one-hour personal Skype session with Star City Games premium finance writer Jon Medina about trading and optimising your trade binder

* A Sword of Feast and Famine courtesy of Jay Boosh

* A draft set and two custom life counters courtesy of Marshall/Limited Resources

* Judge foil Land Tax courtesy of Charlotte Sable (@JqlGirl)

* Judge foil Thawing Glaciers courtesy of Charlotte Sable (@JqlGirl)

EDIT: New prizes added!

* $20 gift certificate to Cool Stuff Inc (courtesy of Mana Nation)

* 2 full-art alters of Cancel (courtesy of Dex)

* 2 French Renaissance packs (courtesy of Don’s Magic and Sundry)

For those so inclined (and those who want a shot at these great prizes), details are here.

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