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September 5, 2010


Ertai’s Lament’s Massive Anniversary Giveaway!

by Dredd77

Three months ago, we began Ertai’s Lament with little more than passion and drive. Realising that the preconstructed community in Magic was sorely underrepresented in our culture, we felt that there would be a place for a site that specialised in reviewing and discussing Intro Packs, Duel Decks, and any other deck-off-the-shelf product Wizards saw fit to throw at us.

And if page views are any indicator to go by, it seems we were right! At first with a few visits every few days it was a labour of love, but flash forward three months and the site is getting hundreds of visits a day. We’re proud of this accomplishment, and enjoy giving something back to everyone who’s helped keep us going by their shared interest in precons. (We’re also quite proud that we haven’t yet missed a single deadline of one article every 48 hours… knock on wood)

Therefore, with the generous help of our friends at Moonlight Comics in Frankfort, KY we’re thrilled to announce the Ertai’s Lament Anniversary Giveaway! The rules are simple.

The Rules

1. There are a total of three Prize Packages available (contents below), and therefore three winners. The same person can only win one Prize Package

2. It will be a lottery format. Basically, you get your name in the hat for each of the following:

          * If you are an existing follower of ours on Twitter, you’re automatically entered for two entries. Thanks for all the support these past three months!

          * If you’re not a current follower, and you follow us on Twitter, you’re automatically entered for one entry

          * For each comment you leave on one of our articles, you’ll be automatically entered for one entry. Comments can’t be simple ones like “Great post, kthnxbai” but actually have to be reasonable (we’ll be the final judge, but as it’s all in fun we’re fairly liberal on what is ‘resonable’- if your comment shows you read it, you’ll be fine)

          * If you retweet one of the contest announcements on Twitter, you’re automatically entered for one entry

3. Contest ends on Sunday, 19 September (two weeks from today). Winners will be notified within a day.

4. At the end of the contest, we’ll pull three names from the hat. First person picked gets first choice, second person gets second choice, and the last name drawn gets the Prize Package remaining

Got it! Now, what can I win?

Now comes the fun part- those Prize Packages!

The Duel Deck Package

The Duel Deck Package contains 1 new sealed copy of Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Tezzeret, as well as the following foil promotional cards:

Ant Queen (M10 Release)

Dimir Guildmage (Ravnica Release)

Ghost-Lit Raider (Saviors of Kamigawa Release)

Joraga Warcaller (Worldwake Release)

Knight of New Alara (Alara Reborn Release)

Kor Duelist (WPN Foil)

Rampaging Baloths (Zendikar Prerelease)

Storm Entity (Future Sight Release)

Sudden Shock  x2 (Time Spiral Release)

Syphon Mind x2 (Multiplayer Foil Promo)

Woolly Thoctar (WPN Foil)

The Euro Lands Package

A few years ago, Wizards released a promotional series of basic Lands with actual European scenery on them (the location is in small print at the bottom of the card, the top one in the pack above is Schwartzwald, Germany). Hard to find and highly sought after, the unopened pack above contains five of the rare Euro Lands, and goes for about $25 on eBay when we checked. A great find for the collector who likes to pack their EDH or play deck with all sorts of Magic’s hidden gems, the Euro Land Package also includes the following promo cards:

Comet Storm (Worldwake Prerelease)

Genju of the Spires (Arena Foil)

Gruul Guildmage (Guildpact Release)

Kor Duelist x2 (WPN Foil)

Leatherback Baloth (WPN Foil)

Malfegor (Conflux Prerelease)

Pathrazer of Ulamog (WPN Foil)

Sprouting Thrinax (WPN Foil)

Sudden Shock  (Time Spiral Release)

Syphon Mind x2 (Multiplayer Foil Promo)

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle (Zendikar Release)

The Playmat Package

One thing we really enjoy about the site is that we have many readers who still like to play competitively in Standard, which makes for great cross-pollination. The last package features a brand spankin’ new playmat (with the sinister and evocative Infest artwork), a new UltraPro deck box, and a selection of foil promos a bit more geared towards Type II play:

Ancient Hellkite (M11 Release)

Celestial Colonnade (Worldwake Buy-A-Box Promo)

Earwig Squad (Morningtide Release)

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (Rise of the Eldrazi Prerelease)

Guul Draz Assassin (Rise of the Eldrazi Buy-A-Box Promo)

Kor Duelist (WPN Foil)

Lord of Shatterskull Pass (Rise of the Eldrazi Release)

Obelisk of Alara (Conflux Release)

Pathrazer of Ulamog (WPN Foil)

Sudden Shock (Time Spiral Release)

Sun Titan (M11 Prerelease)

So What Are You Waiting For?

Head over to Twitter and follow @ErtaisLament, retweet the contest announcement, or start browsing the articles to leave some selected comments!

Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to Dave at Moonlight Comics in Frankfort, KY for providing so much for this giveaway. It’s our local shop and while it has no online presence, if you happen to find yourself in the neighbourhood, stop in and say hello. They have a great FNM environment as well!

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29 Comments Post a comment
  1. troacctid
    Sep 5 2010

    Do my comments on previous posts count? =D

  2. Mike
    Sep 5 2010

    This is definitely relevant to my interests.
    I’ll let the EDH crowd at my lgs know.

  3. Shortbus9
    Sep 5 2010

    Great idea. Thanks for thi oppertunity to win. I’ve read every post since I started following on Twitter. Love the content as I mostly play casual.

  4. wolfgang winter
    Sep 5 2010

    I love the prizes, the promos really do make it more worth it, tho i think the promos on the middle prize pack are a little weak compared to the other 2. other then that i think that having more then one prize is a good idea, and i hope i get picked first because i really want Elspeth vs. Tezzeret. the joys of starting a new life really prevent me for wanting to go pick it up just yet. but i really should go do it before too long assuming i do not win it here.

  5. Sep 6 2010

    Does posting a comment on this article count? 😀 Just stumbled upon this website after looking up Elspeth vs Tezzeret. Great job!

  6. I just want you to know that on Monday Night Magic 223 Tom and I talk about your contest and Site. Keep up the good work!

    • Sep 9 2010

      Very much appreciated, Eric! I was delighted to hear it when it came up on iTunes- MNM was the first MTG podcast I began to regularly follow, and still the one I most look forward to.

  7. CyrixSG
    Sep 7 2010

    Heard about this via Monday Night Magic. I’ll share the news with my playgroups.

  8. MikeLikes
    Sep 7 2010

    I just found out about this via the MNM podcast. I’ll have to check you guys out again in the future.

  9. MARY S.
    Sep 7 2010

    I just found out about this, I’ll share the news via my face book. My grandson’s would be ‘tickled’ about this, and I’m sure they wouldn’t use my word above. This is a great contest!

  10. F3nr1s
    Sep 7 2010

    I LOVE it. I have just been introduced to your site and this being one of the first things I have seen on here is awesome. Mad props @ MTGCast for introducing me to you guys.

    • F3nr1s
      Sep 7 2010

      oops… meant Monday Night Magic not MTGCast… but yea… XD

  11. Sep 7 2010

    Tom from MNM sent me here. And I’m glad he did, finally a website for all my precon needs 😀

  12. Chase
    Sep 7 2010

    Another convert over from MNM here! I’ve bookmarked your site, and will spread the word!

  13. Mike
    Sep 7 2010

    Converted from MMM! Bookmarked and going to read all your previous stuff. T

    Sep 7 2010



  15. Tim Jansen
    Sep 7 2010

    Here from MNM, loved the Elspeth vs Tezzeret article. Look forward to the Scars decks reviews.

  16. kolagol
    Sep 8 2010

    I like the site, and have been a follower for a while. Keep up with the good work You do! Fingers crossed for the lottery 🙂

  17. Neil Malcolm
    Sep 8 2010

    Awesome contest guys; just started looking at this website after hearing about it on monday night magic,
    congrats on 3 months 🙂

  18. Jarrod
    Sep 8 2010

    really excited to hear about your contest. I really like the content especially about the blue/red m11 deck. Heard about the contest from Monday Night Magic.

  19. Dean
    Sep 8 2010

    Tom from monday night magic sent me. Love the site! The contest looks like alot of fun!

  20. Alex
    Sep 8 2010

    I arrived to this most hallowed place after following a quest given to me by the Pit Imp himself, Tom.

    I am in wonder at the vast amount of knowledge and playtesting you guys & girls have put into Pre Cons and the like.

  21. Moray
    Sep 9 2010

    I’m a regualr reader of the blog and enjoy the articles.

    Great to see another give away already.

    Tom, sent me.

    • Sep 9 2010

      Although minor by comparison, we’ll be giving away a Scars of Mirrodin theme deck or two once that set releases as well! Our aim is to get more precon decks out amongst the players with every set release, so keep your eyes peeled in just a few weeks.

  22. Sep 9 2010

    So you’re the people that actually buy the precons! =X Glad to see somebody else enjoys them like most of my friends do.

  23. Jars
    Sep 11 2010

    I’ve been reading since early August, and i when i saw the post for this contest announcement I realized that i haven’t been following you on twitter all this time (I just had the site bookmarked).

    And i just needed incentive to start commenting. 😛

  24. Matty Matt
    Sep 17 2010

    Congrats on 3 months Ertai! Its gonna be hard to top this.

  25. Jonathan
    Sep 19 2010

    Hmm… Well, it would appear that I’ve been informed of this site’s existence several hours before the contest closed. ^^’ I s’pose I’ll have to keep track of future activity from now on.

    • Sep 19 2010

      Stay tuned! A Scars of Mirrodin intro pack giveaway is just around the corner!


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