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August 4, 2010


Exclusive: Ultra Pro Releasing Archenemy Deck Boxes

by Dredd77

Are you a fan of the Ultra Pro licensed Deck Boxes, such as those released for the Duel Decks and Planechase?

Quick, go do a Google search for Archenemy + “Ultra Pro,” and you’ll find… a thread on the Mothership. Another on MTG Salvation. Some ads for oversize sleeves. An article on Ertai’s Lament (surprised us, too). And plenty of crickets chirping.

So far, word on the street’s been mum about any special release for Archenemy, but you heard it here first: an Archenemy deck box release has been officially confirmed today by Ultra Pro to Ertai’s Lament due for release this Autumn.

No word yet on a final release date or what they will look like, but we’ll be at the front of the line when they’re out (at risk of sounding like a shill, Ultra Pro is the ‘official’ Ertai’s Lament deck archival supplier of choice).

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