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2014-2015 Precon Championships: Tinsman Division (Part 1 of 2)

In the six different Preconstructed Championships we’ve held to date, the Rosewater Conference has gone on to win a commanding four of them. With two each for the Nagle and Tinsman Divisions, you could say there’s a rivalry at play here that makes these games ones to watch early on.

After all, four of the decks in play today will be sent to the showers, and only one of them will manage to survive all the way through to the Grand Final, and its moment of destiny. Read more »


2014-15 Precon Championships: Round 3 and the Leaderboard

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and they’re not wrong- we’re already one division down with just three to go! This past weekend saw some exciting precon head-to-head action. We’ve got a Divisional Champion, and move on to the Tinsman Division! Read more »


2014-2015 Precon Championships: Nagle Division (Part 2 of 2)

And we’re back with more exciting preconstructed action, as the second round of the Nagle Division showdown is underway. Last week eight decks became four, and today, four decks will become one. Read more »


2014-15 Precon Championships: Round 2 and the Leaderboard

Welcome back to the Precon Championships! The 2014-15 season has just kicked off with the opening round of action as the Nagle Division went from eight contenders, down to four. Not only that, but a number of contenders have joined the Prediction League, competing for a treasure trove of prizes including an Eldritch Moon Prerelease Pack and more than a dozen boosters. If you’re joining us for the first time, there’s still plenty of action ahead- make sure to get your predictions posted to be in the hunt! Read more »


2014-2015 Precon Championships: Nagle Division (Part 1 of 2)

There have been six previous Preconstructed Championships, and the outsize Nagle Division of the Rosewater Conference has tasted eternal glory not once, but twice. In the 2005-07 Season, Endless March from Planar Chaos was the last deck standing. Then for the 2011-12 Season, an Event Deck from Innistrad, Hold the Linelaid it all on the line and saw its name enshrined in the halls of heroes forever.  Read more »


2014-15 Precon Championships: Make Your Predictions!

At last! The long wait is over and the Preconstructed Championships have returned (one day late, sorry). We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so I’ll skip the lengthy and flavorful preamble and get right down to business!

What is this?

The Preconstructed Championships are a semi-annual feature here on Ertai’s Lament, where we take a year’s worth of preconstructed decks (typically core set + block + all releases during that time) and match them up against one another, March Madness style.

The competition is broken down into four divisions spread across two conferences, and each week we cover four matches. You- the reading audience- have the opportunity to predict the winners, and for every correct prediction, you get a point in the “prediction league.” The person with the most points at the end of it is our winner, and wins the prize package!

What can I win? Read more »


The 2014-2015 Preconstructed Deck Championships

If there’s one thing I’ve been looking forward to most since taking Ertai’s Lament out of mothballs, it’s been the Preconstructed Deck Championships. One of the site’s most popular features, the Championships follow a ‘March Madness’ style format, where all of the preconstructed decks of a given season are randomly seeded into one of four divisions, and battle their way to eternal glory. Read more »


Coming Soon…



2007-08 Precon Championships: We Have a Winner!

This has been our sixth season of the Preconstructed Championships- three years of the most exciting event in preconstructed Magic. It is also our fourth Prediction League, and it looks like a new record has been set!

Read more »


2007-08 Precon Championships: The Grand Final

It’s here. Two months of wars waged and battles pitched in the hot, unforgiving sands of the arena has come down to this moment. Four preconstructed decks- one from each division- are ready to tear into one another in a fury of mana and cardboard, until only one remains. One deck from a field of twenty-six. One Champion, twenty-five footnotes.

Read more »

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