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June 8, 2016


The Mystery of the Death Mage

by Dredd77

Hey, do you like stories about Magic’s history?

Stories about the odd and the curious and the obscure?

If you answered yes to both, you won’t want to miss my feature today over at Gathering Magic.

If you like these sorts of features, don’t forget to leave a comment to let them know, and happy reading!

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  1. westbrook57
    Jun 9 2016

    That was fascinating. It’s bizarre to think that the game I’m playing right now is older than I am.

    The 1999 format sounds like the direction Magic is current going, actually. I once heard someone describe SoI was “all bad cards individually.” Not that I’m complaining – I’d rather face twenty Sinister Concoctions over another Dismember, Doom Blade, and Go for the Throat suite,

    Chanpheng’s story was jaw-dropping. I can’t imagine playing a deck that literally can’t use half its cards, and somehow winning a tournament. Clearly, it was human sacrifice that gave him the victory.

    I like the idea of purely skill-based formats, rather than a format that has deckbuilding as a factor. I wonder why its gone?

    I do have one question: It’s probably broken as hell right now, but was Death Mage, by your estimation, a good card for the environment it was in?


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