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April 24, 2013


News: Dragon’s Maze Intro Pack Decklists Revealed!

by Dredd77

A nice mid-week treat awaits us over on the mothership today, as Magic Arcana has spoiled the decklists for all five Dragon’s Maze Intro Packs. As before, they draw one rare from the new set and one from an old one, either Return to Ravnica or Gatecrash.

Head on over and check them out!

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  1. Aniello
    Apr 24 2013

    26 Lands… and two Clue stones?

    • Varo
      Apr 24 2013

      So people new to the game can remove a few lands to fit cards from the booster and leave a deck with a normal manabase (They always do it, no matter what). Clever move, if it was their intention.

  2. mcc1701
    Apr 24 2013

    Crypt ghast? YES!!!!

  3. Laurent
    Apr 28 2013

    I have a question for Jay : will you do once again the Meddling of the decks for
    In the case of a ‘YES’, i would like to see if you can add something to your articles : a sub-meddling.
    To be more precise : I’ve built your meddled Rakdos, and enjoy a hell of a fun (wrong choice of words? ;)) everytime I play it. However, the cards in the new preconstructed seems to be more interesting than the old ones for that built of yours (thinking about the Champion, actually). So, I wanted to ask you if, in your possible next set of articles, you could also add a kind of ‘how will it looks if we make a mix of both the Rakdos meddled decks’ at the end of each one. That would be cool, and could help new players in better doing their new decks.

    • Apr 28 2013

      Hi Laurent! Yes, indeed all five decks will be getting the meddling treatment over at GM, likely starting next week. Because of very tight space restrictions (which I’m always bumping up against), there probably isn’t much room for added content, but that does give me an idea…

      • Laurent
        Apr 29 2013

        Now you got me interested đŸ˜‰ I’ll be waiting eagerly to read those new articles

  4. Felipe Freire
    Apr 29 2013

    sinister possession + crippling blight, wow!


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