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April 13, 2013


News: Dragon’s Maze Intro Packs Revealed!

by Dredd77

In case you missed it on the mothership yesterday, the curtain rose on the next slate of Intro Pack decks- and fans of five guilds in particular are going to be very happy!

The five decks- which largely (and thankfully) retired the block’s alliterative naming system- are:

  • Azorius Authority
  • Orzhov Power
  • Rakdos Revelry
  • Gruul Siege
  • Simic Domination

In addition, Wizards has placed each guild’s champion as the premium foil rare. Head on over and check them out!

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  1. Icehawk
    Apr 13 2013

    Glad they stopped that naming convention. SO glad.

  2. Ruaranicus
    Apr 13 2013

    Kind of disappointed that they’re missing out five of the guilds. I’d hoped that they’d find a way around the “10 guilds, five decks” problem but this isn’t the answer I envisaged, not least because none of my guilds (Izzet/Boros/Golgari) are there. A part of me hoped they’d do ten decks and use cards from all three sets but I guess that was a heck of a long shot. Looks like it’ll be the Azorius deck I pick up out of that lot anyway.

  3. Alex
    Apr 14 2013

    I was expecting that they were either going to have the Dragon’s Maze intro packs be three-color guild combinations, or they would be the five guilds not included in the block’s event decks (of which there will be conveniently be five). But neither of those seems to be true, unless each of these is actually three-color despite being named for a single guild.

  4. Morten Dall
    Apr 15 2013

    No Dimir? Nooooo :-(. At least they could have favorised the guilds that did not get an Event deck. 3 Rakdos and Simic decks in one block may be a little too much in my opinion…

  5. Aniello
    Apr 17 2013

    I am sad they didn’t release the other 5 intro packs.


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