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April 11, 2013


Announcing the Winner of the Gatecrash Meddling Giveaway!

by Dredd77

And so the curtain falls on another Magic: the Gathering set, and another series of meddlings over on Gathering Magic. It’s been a tremendous run, and we’ve got some big and exciting news!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who read, commented, and helped spread the word. Precons are one aspect of Magic: the Gathering’s online coverage that don’t really get all the coverage I’d like them to, and from your participation clearly many of you feel the same. Awhile back I was invited to meddle a deck per set to see how the series would be received. After posting columns for Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, and Magic 2013, the success of the feature allowed me the opportunity to meddle every Intro Pack, in conjunction with each guild’s theme week. This was something of an experiment- could the format hold up over time, and be worth a regular spot on the Gathering Magic roster?

I’m excited to say that it has, and going forward you can expect to see the meddling series continue on as a regular feature! We’ll be tackling every deck, about one every other week. This helps one of the game’s most underserved communities- the new and returning player who wants to begin deckbuilding but isn’t certain where to start.

In more good news, it’s time to announce the winner of the giveaway! As you’ll recall, one lucky commenter was going to walk away with a randomly-selected Intro Pack, plus all of the cards added to the final meddling. Thanks to the wonders of, the lucky winner is: Nathan Kendall! He gets Gruul Goliaths and a raft of added cards. Thanks for the comments, Nathan, we’ll be in touch to get that prize package into the post for you.

Thanks again to all, and here’s to a new round of meddlings come Dragon’s Maze!

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5 Comments Post a comment
  1. Zack
    Apr 12 2013

    Congratulations, Nathan!

  2. Varo
    Apr 12 2013

    Congratulations! The gruul deck’s a nice one to win 🙂

    • Varo
      Apr 12 2013

      By the way Jay, i’d love if you continue this series of meddlings (even without the giveaway), i’ve used lots of your decklists as templates for making decks to friends and they enjoyed them all.

  3. Ari
    Apr 12 2013

    That’s good news I love reading the meddling. It helps so much giving another perspective I may have not of thought of. Out of all decks gruuls is by far the strongest when meddeled correctly. But dimir is always the funnest to play

  4. mcc1701
    Apr 12 2013

    Thank you everyone. I look forward to the deck and to meddle it up a bit. I’m more of a black/white player, but after DKA and monsterous surprise I have loved G/R intro decks 🙂


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