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January 14, 2013


News: Gatecrash Event Decks Revealed!

by Dredd77

Don’t look now, but there’s another treat for us on the mothership this morning. That’s right, the Event Decks have been announced, and fans of two guilds in particular are going to be especially happy.

The two decks are Rally and Rout and Thrive and Thrash, for the Boros and Simic respectively. Not sure who at Wizards is responsible for making sure alliteration litters every last precon in the Return to Ravnica block, but they’re certainly working overtime.

For more, head on over to today’s Arcana and check it out!

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  1. Woo! Getting more and more excited about Gatecrash… can’t wait!

  2. Varo
    Jan 15 2013

    I should be excited about a Simic event deck but… after the Rakdos and Golgari ones in RtR, i don’t know if they’re going to be much better than modified intro packs.

    • Jan 17 2013

      What are you talking about!!! The Rakdos one was amazing! Wizards does a great job with aggro!

  3. Naïveté
    Jan 15 2013

    I was half right!!! Although the point you made, Varo, is legitimate, nothing can go wrong when Simic is around! (I’m a fan of the guild, you see.) I would have preferred that Simic would be facing off against Gruul, but Boros has the same aggressive nature, and you cant always get what you want.

  4. Handy
    Jan 16 2013

    Funny thing that happened with a pre-con I bought, I got the M13 red intro pack in the January sales, and when I opened it and unsealed the inner packaging I had Krenko as my top card, but the rest of the deck was the BW exalted M13 deck instead. Has this ever happened to anyone here? I was happy with it anyway, as it allowed me to play a casual game that was a lot more fun and balanced (against a mono-white homebrew) than my usual GW aggro vs Golgari Creep and Conquer modified match up. A lso chuffed to get two boosters included and the deck for less than the two boosters would have cost £5!!

    • Jan 16 2013

      Yes! It happened to me! I bought the Repeat Performance M13 Event Deck, but the main sealed deck was actually for Sweet Revenge. Only the sideboard was what it should have been. I called Wizards and asked them about it and they said that mispackaging does happen on occasion. They provided me an address to send the entire product back to and then they sent me a brand new one. Now I’m not the only one with that experience!

    • Jan 16 2013

      I’ve never had that happen, but I have on rare occasion heard of similar things. Just like that fella that opened an RTR card in his M13 pack, you never quite know what you can end up getting!

  5. Handy
    Jan 16 2013

    Correction to above ^ one booster included. Looking to these decks and hope they will be generous with the dual lands included! 😉

    • Icehawk7
      Jan 21 2013

      I hate to say I hope not even though I’d like it. I’m afraid it’d push the prices through the roof.

  6. Jan 17 2013

    Boros is gonna be great, hopefully Simic turns out decent. Gonna be a great set.

  7. Naïveté
    Jan 23 2013

    It’s really too bad that Scar of Mirrodin isn’t Standard legal anymore. Evolve+proliferate would have been killer, provided that you had some counter spells to negate (excuse the pun) the effects of an Unsummon or card like that. As a non-sequitor, is Giant Adephage supposed to be a Simic card or a Gruul card? It’s all big and stompy (thus Gruul), but its effect is perfect with Simic (i.e. Evolve).

    • yuuuup
      Jan 26 2013

      think its more a golgari reanimator card ;p

  8. Tai
    Jan 24 2013

    Awwwww…. and here I thought it would be Boros and Dimir. Would have made a lot of sense to me.


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