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January 4, 2013


News: Gatecrash Intro Packs Revealed!

by Dredd77

Just a quick note here- yesterday the mothership posted the five upcoming Intro Packs for Gatecrash!

They keep with the rather unfortunate alliterative naming convention used in Return to Ravnica, and are:

  • Boros Battalion
  • Dimir Dementia
  • Gruul Goliaths
  • Orzhov Oppression
  • Simic Synthesis

We’ll be giving them the full Ertai’s Lament treatment as soon as we get our hands on them. Which one are you most looking forward to seeing?

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  1. servant of yawgmoth
    Jan 4 2013

    orzhov looks interesting or maybe dimir haven’t decided yet

    • Jan 4 2013

      Consuming Abberation looks pretty ridiculous though, so I gotta agree that Dimir looks good. I have never really played UB before though,

  2. Jan 4 2013

    Orzhov and Simic look the most interesting to me…

  3. Icehawk7
    Jan 4 2013

    Come on Boros previews! I needs me some upgrades. 😉

  4. Varo
    Jan 4 2013

    Simic all the way! Already reserved my simic slot at the prerelease 🙂

    But orzhov and dimir cards are pretty good. In fact, i think they’re more powerful than the simic ones, but i simply love the bioengineers’ guild.

  5. arom
    Jan 4 2013

    simic and boros looks good, but also dimir looks preety sick that mill! SIMIC ftw!!!

    • Icehawk7
      Jan 5 2013

      Boros has some good looking stuff, if you don’t look at that ugly Skyknight art. >.>

  6. Jan 4 2013

    Gruul is least elegant, but most effective. I mean, imagine bloodrush at drafts, or prereleases!

  7. Naïveté
    Jan 6 2013

    Seeing how they haven’t posted the Event decks, I 1) Hope they will create them and 2) hope they will be Simic versus Gruul. The Gruul have gigantic creatures, but the Simic can grow gigantic creatures. The Gruul are able to have burn, but the Simic are able to have countermagic. I think that it would be an interesting matchup, no?

    • Icehawk7
      Jan 11 2013

      They’re doing the battle packs, so I figure there will be event decks. I do like that matchup. It’s different. Lots of potential.

      It’s funny. This is the one set I’m thinking of buying a few packs for. Just can’t swallow the 14+ buck price to get me a Sacred Foundry, but I’m okay tossing that much into a few packs and take me chances.

  8. Jan 8 2013

    I’m going to play Gruul at the prerelease for one reason.

    Take a look at the best guild acceptance letter.×456.jpg


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