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November 3, 2012


Win a Trio of Kaijudo Dojo Edition Boosters!

by Dredd77

That’s right, it’s another giveaway! We’ve got a draft set of Kaijudo Dojo Editions laying about, and we’d love to send them to a good home. Could it be yours?

Starting tomorrow, we’re returning to Kaijudo coverage for the Bull Rush precon deck from the Dojo Edition, a deck designed by Magic stalwart Gavin Verhey. On Saturday, 10 November, we’ll flip a coin to select either Part 1 or Part 2 of the review, then pick a random commenter from that post. They take the prize- simple!

As with our usual comment contests, there’s no minimum length requirement. We’re not looking for novels, just something relevant that contributes to the discussion around the deck. If you’re a Kaijudo fan- or know someone who is- you may want to post on both halves just to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy our continuing coverage of another of Wizards’ games.

UPDATE: Whoops! It’s a pair of Dojo Edition boosters and one from Rise of the Duel Masters. But hey, three boosters! 

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  1. Icehawk7
    Nov 3 2012

    2 contests! Eek!

  2. Varo
    Nov 4 2012

    A precon made by a Magic pro player? I’m intrigued. Also, very thanks for the giveaways.


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