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November 2, 2012


Win a Copy of Onslaught’s Ivory Doom!

by Dredd77

Some contests- like our Gathering Magic/Return to Ravnica Meddling cycle require a little bit of patience to win, since we’re not picking a winner until all five decks have had their turn at center stage. Others, however, are much quicker! We’re pleased to announce another comment contest giveaway for a new, sealed copy of Onslaught’s Ivory Doom, a Black/White Cleric tribal deck.

Entering is simple- leave a comment on an Onslaught review. With four decks each getting two reviews apiece (Parts 1 and 2), that’s eight chances to win if you add to the discussion on each of them! As always, we’re not looking for the great American novel here, just something that adds to the conversation around a particular deck. Once the final Onslaught deck is reviewed (Bait & Switch), we’ll wait a couple of days and draw a winner at random.

You may recall we’re already halfway through with Onslaught, having covered Devastation and Celestial Assault prior to kicking off Return to Ravnica. If you haven’t already, perhaps head on over to those and get your name in the hat! We crack into Ivory Doom tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone, and as ever thank you for all the comments!

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  1. Varo
    Nov 2 2012

    As always, very thanks for all the giveaways 🙂

  2. outhouseinferno
    Nov 2 2012

    The comments are closed on celestial assault part 2

    • Nov 2 2012

      Thanks for the notice! Something odd happened to that poor post. I found it this morning showing with no title, and with a publish date two dats later than when it was published. Very curious, I’ve never had that kind of glitch occur. I fixed it, but didn’t realise it had also disabled comments (comments enabled is default setting for everything). I just enabled the, you’re good to go!


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